A press release from the new owners of the Sankeys brandname in Ibiza, has stated that the club will reopen on May 10. The new owners, a company named, Octan Group, based in Torremolinos, yesterday issued a statement saying they would be opening the derelict Club for just 4 nights a week this Ibiza 2018 season. They also stated that they have two parties confirmed, Unusual Suspects and Red Light, but were vague on the events that would fill the other two nights, claiming that “two other strong brands” would be joining the weekly roster but failed to say on what dates or nights it would happen. On the ground in Ibiza, there are no rumours to suggest the identity of the yet to be unveiled parties. Instead there is bemusement and anger due to the claims of money owed to suppliers and staff by the company that traded in Sankeys for the past 4 years.

While its important to state that the new owners Octan Group legally owe nothing to the staff and suppliers, as they have reportedly purchased only the brand name and not the claimed debts owed by the previous management. However, they will need to realise that the goodwill value of Sankeys Ibiza right now, is very low indeed amongst the close knit industry workers and DJ’s, especially the ones who claim they are owed money from last season. Past management who sold the brand to Octan have a case to answer here and they need to settle any disagreements they may have with Promoters, DJ’s, Landlords, Staff and suppliers to secure the future of Sankeys Ibiza, which at present looks very unclear. To only purchase the Brand name, knowing debt is owned by the operating company, is not the way to do business in Ibiza.

Nobody on the island wants to see Sankeys close, as it offers one of the few real underground alternatives in an ever changing, upmarket trending Ibiza, especially in PDB where its catching westward winds towards Las Vegas. The current Sankeys Ibiza situation has all the potential to develop into another Booom saga but without the big spenders. The club is presently closed with no signs of life, except for a homeless man who has decided to squat there playing Techno on the steps whilst performing well know Manumission acts on himself. It’s a classic Ibiza conundrum right now and we will have to wait and see what develops. We hope for all concerned that Sankeys can survive another season on the island this summer, but I would predict that goodwill needs to be restored between all parties to keep it alive.