Old Tur Palas Apartments in Playa Den Bossa

Guests of the old Tur Palas apartments Ibiza, located on a prime beach front location in Playa Den Bossa, will receive a surprise, when they go to book the property for 2013. First off, it wont be called the Tur Palas anymore, it has now been upgraded to a trendy clubber Hotel named, the Santos Ibiza Coast Suites. Secondly, the rooms will treble in price, as they have all been refurbished from 57 basic apartments, into 38 luxury suites. The Hotel Santos will also have a Beach Club where, pre parties for some of the big Ibiza nights, are expected to be held. The exclusive development billed as “an innovative project for a relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle full of boho chic” will open its doors for business as a hotel, on April 26th next. The Opening party for its brand new Beach Club, billed as “The best music on the Island with the most exclusive parties in a magical setting overlooking the sea” is due to take place on Saturday May 11th, 2013.

Artists Impression Of New Hotel

The Hotel is following a current trend in Playa Den Bossa, whereby many properties are changing their business model to reflect the growing upmarket Holiday experience associated to the Clubs and VIP. Successful business models like Ushuaia and Migjorn Suites and Spa have shown that there is a market for a more polished and luxury product in Playa Den Bossa. The new Hotel will be leased to an investment group of Spanish businessmen, led by Pacha programme director, Tallyn Planells, who only last year, moved from his job as manager of Privilege, to take up a new position at Pacha. His connections and experience within the clubbing industry in Ibiza, will ensure that the new venue will not lack in local style and big name parties. Expect to hear a lot more of Hotel Santos this summer in Ibiza.