Climate Change A Real and Present Danger.

Just as the temperatures had begun to stabilise to normal averages for August, a warning has been issued today, by the local weather service AEMET, that Wednesday will see a return to high values. It is forecasted that the new heatwave could last well into next week. The Balearic Islands are now on Alert for wildfires and authorities have asked people to be extra vigilant in this regard and have suspended the burning of scrub to ensure that forest fires do not break out. On the Canary Islands, thousands of people are presently fleeing Wildfires that have devastated over 50,000 hectares of land, with temperatures in the 40C’s. Ibiza Government officials have warned tourists to drink a glass of water every 15minutes whether thirsty or not, stay out of the 12-3pm sun, wear cool breathable clothing and stay in the company of others in case of overheating. With Northern Europe experiencing a wet summer with more frequent bitter winters and Southern Europe hitting unseasonal highs, it is clear to this scribe that Climate Change is now a real and present danger to our planet. Australian climate expert Ross Garnaut has stated that his research shows dangerous climate change is coming “much more rapidly than has generally been understood.” The window for corrective measures is between now and 2020, and after that, he said, get ready for real change. “The show will be over,” he said.