Naomi Campbell and Vladislav Doronin

One thing that can’t be said about new Ibiza club, Bomba, is that it will be boring. As the club awaits a decision from Ibiza Town Council, regarding a planing objection, lodged as a matter of due process last week, it has been widely reported in the International press, that the beautiful model Naomi Campbell, is planning to splash out a cool €1 million plus, to celebrate her 43rd Birthday at Club Bomba. The celebration will most likely be attended, by her Russian Billionaire Boyfriend, Vladislav Doronin, who has been dating Ms Campbell for the last five years. It is reported that Mr Doronin, has plans to marry the English born supermodel, once the impending divorce from his first wife, Ekaterina Doronin, is settled. Known for his extravagant and lavish taste in gifts, Mr Doronin is sure to spoil his stunning Girlfriend in Ibiza. A host of A-List celebrities, have been name dropped to add prestige and glamour to the celebrations, but it will be Ms Campbell, that is expected to steal the show.

The announcement in the International press, that Bomba, will be the place to be, for a host of the worlds celebrity superstars, on May 22nd next, should not unduly harm its chances of a sympathetic hearing from councillors in Ibiza, who will have the final say, as to the granting of its licence to open. With such powerful friends, Bomba, will be given every opportunity to succeed. Ms Campbell, has already been associated to the Club as a partner, when Pacha Magazine reported last year, that she would join Italian Restaurateur and F3 driver, Giuseppe Cipriani, along with Princess Soryania, as owners of the club. It is a sign of things to come in Ibiza, as the Island upgrades its image to VIP status. How the club will be received on the Island once the circus rolls out of town, will be another matter. Musically, it has assembled a tried and tested formula, with many of Pacha’s old guard now associated to the club. With Luciano, Steve Angello and Erick Morillo on the bill, the club should be well able to stand on its own two feet. Posters have already been erected on Billboards in Ibiza, advertising the club which, pending approval from Ibiza council, is set to open on May 22nd. For now, I will just have to wait a little longer, for my invitation to arrive.