My Ibiza Guide

Ibiza has many publications but few offer an unbiased view of the island. One of the original and best Ibiza guides was Ibiza Spotlight when it was handed out to tourists as a newsletter but sadly lost its way when it became an online commercial vehicle for its advertisers. Thankfully a lady named, Hjordis Fogelberg, a child of Ibiza’s hippy era who grew up during the halcyon days of those beautiful times, has compiled a personal collection of recommendations for restaurants, bars, beaches, parties and special places. In my many years visiting Ibiza, I have not come across such a well put together and balanced guide and it’s a must have accessory for any person thinking of holidaying on the island. The layout and format of the guide is fresh and vibrant with a modern and sketchy feel to it. A reader almost senses they are on holiday as they leaf through the 224 pages which have been put together with creativity and love. Lots of really useful and simple information like reminding people to take a dip in the sea, full moon guides and a calender agenda with all the authors personal tips for the best events and parties. The unique selling point of this guide, is that it is a personal labour of love, that reflects a non commercial insight of the real Ibiza gathered through trial and error. Its not trying to sell you anything, instead it is promoting the good side of Ibiza from a thirty something author who has experienced many of the beautiful and special parts that are hidden behind the islands brash commercial image. It is a book of Ibiza. My Ibiza Guide is self published by Hjordis Fogelberg and is available for sale at €15. Check out the books Facebook page for further details. Looking forward already to Volume II.