Mc Donalds for San Antonio

McDonalds, the well known American burger joint, with one of the biggest property portfolios in the world, is in negotiations to open a franchise in San Antonio, Ibiza. The fast food company already has an outlet in Ibiza town  and now has plans to open a new outlet in San Antonio, to cater to the throngs of tourists that descend on the sunset resort each season. At present Burger King and KFC combined with Pizza Hut, are the international fast food brands in operation in the town. The site that Mc Donalds are interested in, is located very near to the Egg Monument, in the middle of the roundabout at the entrance to the Passeig De Ses Fonts. The locally owned site, is expected to complete negotiations on the sale in the near future, paving the way for the welcome arrival of another gastronomical treat for fast food aficionados of San Antonio.