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Lethal Fentanyl Laced 2C-B Drug Reported In Ibiza

Ibiza Blog | 4 comments

Written by Dan Kirwan

Viral posts circulating on Ibiza social media channels in the past few days are warning people about a lethal batch of Fentanyl laced 2C-B, also known as Pink Cocaine. The posts link the drug to eleven deaths on the island, but these claims are unsubstantiated. To date, there have been no official reports of drug-related casualties in the local press, which are usually fast to alert residents on health issues. However, speaking to people working on the island, they have confirmed that Fentanyl is present this year. Several people have had bad trips linked to the designer party drug 2C-B, popular in Ibiza for over a decade. The drug of choice with the younger generations continues to be cocaine and ketamine, while MDMA and microdosing is popular with older clubbers.

Fentanyl deaths have been on the rise, especially in America and news that it has reached Europe will cause serious concern. Pharmaceutical Fentanyl is a powerful opioid that is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. It is used to ease the pain of terminally ill cancer patients. Drug dealers cut drugs like cocaine, MDMA and 2C-B with Fentanyl because it’s cheap to use and enhances the speed, potency and effect of the hit. Unfortunately, the synthetically produced drug Fentanyl requires accurate and precise measurements. The backstreet laboratory where the drug is manufactured can make an overly strong dose that can have a lethal effect on the body, causing severe respiratory difficulties and hypoxia, which causes permanent brain damage.

Using designer drugs, especially from unknown dealers, is like playing Russian Roulette.

Ibiza is no stranger to bad batches of drugs, and there have been several deaths associated in the past with harmful pills and liquid ecstasy. While the reported deaths have not been confirmed, the island is on high alert concerning Fentanyl laced 2C-B. Clubbers are advised to purchase Fentanyl testing strips to ensure their consumption is not laced with the hazardous backstreet-produced chemical drug. Using designer drugs, especially from unknown dealers, is like playing Russian Roulette. So if you are travelling to the island this year, please be aware of the warnings and take extra precautions if you are offered 2C-B or pink cocaine.

More information on Fentanyl Testing Strips here

In the image below, posted on June 22, four bags of Pink Cocaine were seized by local police from one street dealer in Cala de Bou, San Antonio, indicating its demand on the island.

Update 4/8/22. As of Thursday, August 4, no deaths have been confirmed by the local hospitals, and police have also stated that they are unaware of any casualties relating to this incident. 


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