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Landside Victory For PP Ensures The Party Will continue In Ibiza For The Next Four Years.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Local elections held in Ibiza last weekend resulted in a resounding success for the pro-business Partido Popular party. Their victory has swung the pendulum of power away from the socialists and firmly into the hands of the conservatives. The municipality of Sant Antoni de Abad, home to Amnesia and Privilege, saw the PP win an absolute majority with twelve councillors elected.

The party will not have to enter into a coalition to form a council, which they were forced to do for the past four years, a fractious group that did not function to its full potential. Its Mayor, Marcos Cardona Serra, was the main attraction for the voters in San Antonio, who rewarded his professional and progressive style with a resounding mandate. The PP was always viewed as a pro-business party, the Matutes family being one of their loyal supporters.

The victory will ensure that redevelopment projects and upgrading the island to a luxury destination will continue unabated. Several ambitious development projects will get the green light to proceed, including the rumoured refurbishment of the Matutes-owned Privilege site. It is also good news for the clubs and venues restricted by local resident groups and environmentalists in the past. 

The result was good news for the clubs.

The far-right VOX party, cousins of the PP, reflected the upward graph of its party support across the Iberian peninsula by securing 14% of the vote and eight seats across the island. The PP now comfortably controls the island council with 25 seats won. In second position was the socialist coalition PSOE-PSIB securing 18 seats, with VOX in third. The rise in support for the PP and VOX was reflected nationally, and it certainly spooked Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, who reacted quickly by calling a snap General Election for July 23.  A very strange decision considering the battering his coalition allies took throughout Spain last weekend. 


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