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Kevin & Perry Set For Ibiza 2022 Return at Amnesia.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Get ready all you Ibiza virgins to party like it was Ibiza 1999!  Two of the islands most famous fellow DJ’s are set to return to the iconic Ibiza club Amnesia this summer, where scenes of the coming of age movie Kevin and Perry Go Large were shot over 22 years ago. The party to celebrate twenty years of the hit movies’ conception on the island of Ibiza was due to occur in 2020, but Covid 19 enforced the postponement of the event to 2021, where once again it was deferred due to the pandemic. Social media outlets on the party island were buzzing yesterday after Amnesia released a promo video indicating an official announcement regarding dates and lineups would be made this Friday. 

There will be no concessions for senior citizens

The comedy starring Harry Enfield, Kathy Burke and Rhys Ifans was shot in Ibiza in 1999 during the golden era of Balearic trance music. Curated by Judge Jules, it featured a banging soundtrack and some hammering tunes such as Alaya, Tocas Miracle, Lizard, I Feel Love, Lovestruck, Coming on Strong, Touch Me, Mystery Land, Another Day, 9 am Till I Come and Needing U, to name just a few. The movie had the good fortune to be present in ’90s Ibiza to capture the Zeitgeist of a generation that partied much differently than clubbers today. In the absence of social media and smartphones, it was a largely innocent time, with more love and less money thanks to a music first policy and the drug of choice being ecstasy rather than cocaine.



The movie was kept in the headlines last year thanks to two Kevin and Perry lookalikes at music festivals in Britain. Kathy Burke praised the mystery duo, and the naughty pair went viral on social media, photographed with some high profile DJs of that era, such as Balearic legend Tall Paul. Any events celebrating that post-millennium Spanish peseta era of innocent freedom, cheap holidays in the sun and a classic soundtrack are warmly welcomed. Further details on a June date, tickets and lineups are rumoured to be out on Friday, but the bad news for my generation is that there will be no concessions for senior citizens.

So in the words of Eyeball Paul, it’s time to “Dance you Balearic Bastards!!!”

Main image by Rob Farrell of a youthful Harry Enfield and Judge Jules was taken on the set of Kevin and Perry at Amnesia Ibiza 1999. Below is the updated lineup and dates for 2022!

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