A Squeezbox near Cap Blanc
UPDATE 7/3/11 This Ibiza Irish Fleadh 2011 has been Canceled

The Ibiza Fleadh,(pronounced Flaa) is a unique celebration of Irish dancing and culture, held in the Sirenis Country Club Hotel in Port De Torrent Ibiza, every year in late April early May. The Fleadh is very popular, with the Hotel selling out its rooms, such is the demand for the event. Over 2000 Irish music enthusiasts from as far afield as America and Canada, flock to the Festival which starts in late April and continues until early May. The 2011 Festival will take place in Ibiza from the 24/4/11 to the 4/5/11.

Set Dancing, Fior Ceili’s, Social Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, music and dance tutorials, traditional singing and story telling are the order of the day, set in a fantastic atmosphere of innocent fun and enjoyment of life. Think of the Fleadh as Space meets Dads Army, as the festival is very popular with the young at heart agegroup of 50 plus. Not that they are sitting around enjoying the sun, as many partake fully in the lively dance routines and sessions that continue late into the night. It is unlikely to see many overweight people at the Fleadh as the majority are jumping around and fit from all the dancing.

Traditional Irish Dancing

The Festival is a 11 day celebration of Irish Culture with the majority of the party goers of Irish decent living in England and from strong Irish communities such as Birmingham, Manchester and Liverpool. A recent documentary about the Fleadh was commissioned by the Irish  Language TV company TG4 and links to the excellent programmer are listed below.

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Links to the Fleadh Ibiza docomentary are here;