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Ibiza 2021 A Season In Flux

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Written by Dan Kirwan

As I sit outside my friend’s Bar in Cala des Moro, with a cold cana in my hand, watching the sun sink down into a warm orange horizon, the bar inside is full of Belgians watching their team fall short to a classy Italian side. The Belgians are passionate about their football and their cries of excitement any time they go forward with the ball reminds me of the Jack Charlton era with Ireland.

As the final whistle blows, I look around again and the bar is nearly empty. “ Belgians don’t hang around when they get beaten, ” smiles Wouter, the Cafe Del Mar DJ who runs the bar with his partner Julie. “ I have a strict music policy here in the bar,” retorts Wouter, ” no house or electronic music,” “So Country and Western is ok then I smile…… no that’s not allowed either but he changes his mind when i mention legends like Elvis, Willy Nelson, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton whose track Jollene was doing the rounds in Ibiza for a few years.

As his Belgian clients exit, they mingle with a steady stream of beautiful, fit Dutch girls, who have just come from Ocean Beach and are making their way to the afters at OBs sister venue Wiki Woo. Two young German guys try their luck but on this occasion the wingman fails to deliver and they move on, but with so many to choose from it wasnt long before they had scored. The locals are impressed by the stylish Dutch girls who unlike their British counterparts, dont wear high heels or expose as much skin.

With all the clubs closed and a law outlawing dancing anywhere there is music played, there is nothing happening on the dance music scene. The local community remain very sensitive to the pandemic and they are all adamant that nothing associated with the clubs will open this year. Local police have been using infrared drone cameras to locate private villa parties. Only this weekend a well known promoter was caught hosting a 500 person party in a villa due to these drones. Promoters are trying their best to keep a low profile by telling people not to park near the venue and wait to be picked up privately by a shuttle vehicle.

A funny report appeared in the local newspaper where a shuttle vehicle was identified due to the “ loud music and scantily clad females” hanging from its windows. A local called the police who followed the vehicle and busted the party. So that give an idea of the mood on the island towards clubbing and partying, so my advice to any my followers thinking of coming to Ibiza this year to party, is to stay at home and save it for next season as in my opinion, no clubbing or party related activities will be permitted to open this year unless there is a dramatic change in Covid19 Health and Safety policy.

All the bars, restaurants and takeaways have to close here at 2am which certainly is a strange feeling.

Most tourists are in bed by 3am as there is nothing open and unless you have a private villa, there is definitely no party or music allowed as the fun police are cracking the whip in this area and local business is happy to support this as they do not want to end up like Portugal which only recently introduced night curfuews again. The beaches are full with Spanish and Dutch tourists, as are the restaurants and this has created a new atmosphere around the streets and walkways of the island.

All the restaurants have spilled onto the streets as they have limited capacity indoors, creating a different kind of buzz and with no British Party tourists, it’s much more relaxed and laid back with people actually talking to each other. The Beach Chiringuitos and local restaurants are doing a roaring trade, and it’s imperative that you reserve a table well in advance. Feedback from Chiringuito owners is that most of their bookings are from medium-sized groups of friends who stay all day at the beach, eating, drinking and socialising around daybeds and swimming in the sea. It’s not your usual Ibiza buzz, but tourists are finding a way to adapt and enjoy a different style of product.  Many have villas and all return there afterwards. 

A very noticeable trend this summer has been the short supply of car rentals, taxis and parking spaces. I have never seen the island so chock-a-block with cars leaving parking spaces difficult to locate. So if travelling this summer, be sure to book a hotel that provides free parking on site and reserve your car early as demand is currently outstripping supply. When all the National tourists return from their holiday breaks in September and the kids go back to school the island will be in a different position to receive tourists and the mad rush that is present now will abate. As the big hotels are not open, there is also a short supply of rooms so I would advise booking now if you intend to travel in September as prices are only going to go up not down. 


Everybody I have spoken to agrees there is a different energy on the island this summer. One of change and flux and a feeling that something new is on the horizon. I’m probably going to get lynched for saying this, but my feeling is that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the traditional clubbing model, which has so dominated the island’s colourful history for the past five decades, a view we will elaborate on in another blog. For now stay safe and prioritise your families health and be assured that Ibiza is as beautiful as ever and enjoying her rare quiet, peaceful nights and early mornings free of damage and litter from the night before.


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