The Lady was not for turning. Carmen Ferrer

Ibiza Tourism Minister, Carmen Ferrer, has firmly ruled out any Government subsidies to allow airlines to operate winter schedules to Ibiza. Speaking in Santa Eularia at a presentation by the Ibiza Convention Bureau, Ms Ferrer stated that there was no budget available, as Ibiza spent over 1.1 million subsidising Ryanair to operate a winter route in 2010 with little success.

The online campaign organised by The Ibiza Travel Shop to get Ms Ferrer to reinstate the route, now looks dead in the water. It attracted over 3240 signatures. The idea that an elected Ibiza politician would bow to the will of perceived expat residents, was always going to be a tilting at windmills exercise. Nevertheless, it did raise the profile of the issue and brought it to the top table.

Importantly, Ms Ferrer did state her commitment to ensuring that a way would be found to efficiently open Winter Routes for the future. Along with the involved stakeholders, a more structured and formulated approach would be examined to explore the best way forward. This welcome new approach, is a much better plan than just randomly throwing cash at an Airline, in the hope that some of it might stick.