Anna Kathleen wedding officiator

It is a pleasure for me personally to have Anna and Melchior associated with the blog, as in my opinion they epitomise what the true meaning of Ibiza is all about. Simplicity of nature, surrounded by warmth and beauty is an atmosphere that Anna and Melchior belong to in Ibiza. They connect naturally with the Islands special energy, and are a conduit of its flow from nature to the couple, during the ceremony. Its what makes Ibiza weddings unique from any other location. Both have traveled the world extensively, visiting many of the spiritual, sacred places and proudly claim Ibiza as their home, and its where both have raised their respective families.

As elders of Ibiza, their soft, strong and warm personalities reflect the power and energy of the Islands Goddess Tanit, a Deity still worshiped today and an integral part of spiritual Ibiza. A mother Goddess closely associated with nature, water and fertility, her influence on the Island is strong. To understand the nature of Tanit, is to understand the true meaning of Ibiza.

To have Anna or Melchior as officiators at a wedding ceremony, is considered an honor by many people. Their reputation on the Island is unblemished and all the couples that I have referred to them from the Tripadvisor forums, continually highlight their service. Melchior is an accomplished linguist with a wide range of languages and knowledge of many cultures, which is of great benefit to people of different nationalities and faiths.

Melchior Arnold

Part of their fee is donated to the Cambodia Childrens Painting Project and Ibiza’s pet NGO in Cambodia. They have also kindly offered, as a token of goodwill to couples referring from this blog, a complimentary copy of their wedding vows, printed on French linen stationary and presented in a silk gift bag.

I have no hesitation in recommending Anna and Melchior as the Officiators of choice on the Island of Ibiza, for couples that want to experience the simplicity and beauty of a true Ibiza blessing.

Photos courtesy of Jose Mari and Ana Lui. Please contact Anna or Melchior through the website