The pace of life in Ibiza can be at times, best described as comatose. Although, for some reason, when a person gets into a car in Ibiza, they can race around like Speedy Gonzales on amphetamines. The roads in Ibiza have witnessed many deaths, especially the stretch along the San Rafel area, where both Amnesia and Privilege are located. In fact, the road was nicknamed “Death Road” due to the number of pedestrian fatalities there. The whole layout of the road was recently changed to make it safer and this has reduced the number of deaths significantly.

Another temporary measure to be introduced this summer, will  be a reduction in the speed limit from 120Kph to 110Kph on all Spanish motorways. One would think that it would be aimed at road safety, but no, the Government has decreed that the limit will primarily be focused at saving fuel, rather than lifes. This new speed limit will come into effect on the 7th of March this year, so any people intending to visit the Island please be aware of the new limit. When it comes to enforcing speeding fines, local Traffic Police can make Dirty Harry look like a schoolgirl, so please, don’t make their day…….slow down.