Following on from the excellent social media initiative that is Ibiza Slow Breaks, Ibiza Tourism Board are now tendering for companies to manage the contract. When it was launched first, the Slow Breaks Facebook page was managed with the ethos of the real Ibiza experience and what it had to offer apart from the clubs and all the hyped commercial promotion.

It was a fresh and invigorating page and was highlighting the real Ibiza experience. Unfortunately, for some reason the original Ibiza Slow Breaks ethos seemed to loose direction, veering away from traditional Ibiza and towards a more commercial clubs and bars promotional website. Straight away the growth that the page was experiencing in followers slowed down and the page failed to attract new followers. It now has only 806 likes or followers after its initial impressive growth as it started to loose its unique and differential identity.

Thankfully, the local Government has recognised that the whole concept needs to be looked at again to determine the best direction for Ibiza Slow breaks going forward. Hopefully the Ibiza Tourism Board will continue to promote the more traditional and authentic Ibiza, which does not receive the promotion it deserves due to the powerful commercial publicity machine.

Ibiza needs to highlight its natural and organic strengths, its people, their warm hospitality, the beauty of its landscape, good food and small local hotels, bars and restaurants that offer character and personality. Ibiza has much more to offer than just the Clubs and Bars so hopefully Ibiza Slow Breaks will find its true calling once again.