Ibiza Rocktronic Partners Pete, Danny and Pino.

Organisers of the Ibiza Rocktronic 123 Festival, which was last year sponsored by Barcardi and held its inaugural staging on the sunset strip in San Antonio, have recently announced its dates for 2013. The Festival is now set to move from the first three days of July, to near the last three, the 26th, 27th and 28th. It is hoped that the move will help the festival attract more people than it did last year, as Ibiza normally has increased tourist footfall as it nears the month of August. The three day event, was moderately successful last summer and while the idea of a festival for Ibiza is a good one, it is very important that the organisers get the mix and product right, especially in today’s economic environment, where attendances at festivals throughout Europe, are dwindling.

Traditionally, festivals do not attract the flush VIP type of client and as Ibiza caters very well for this market elsewhere, it is therefore unlikely that they will overpopulate San Antonio during the daytime for a musical festival. Thats not to say, that there wont be the customary token group of bling wannabes and invited Z list celebrities present, but they dont usually have the cash to splash out on €2000 bottles of Champagne. Therefore the festival will be hoping to attract the typical Ibiza crowd, who enjoy their dance music, parties and most importantly a good vibe. The big problem with last years Ibiza Rocktronic Festival, was that there was no atmosphere. The musical acts performing on stage were in the main good, but the big crowds weren’t there to make it all come together. It needs to become established and how long the Festival will keep going is up to Live Nation and its economic success.

Elton John at Ibiza Rocktronic 2012

Pricing of tickets will have to be a key factor this summer, as will the mix of artists performing. In an economic recession, holidaymakers are now very price sensitive. When you compare an Ibiza Rocktronic ticket price of €65 per day to an Ibiza Rocks ticket of €40, then that in my opinion, is the limit that regular holidaymakers in Ibiza will pay for a live music event that is not club based. Ushuaia offers a similar, but more polished product centred round DJ led electronic music for €40. While Rocktronic will rightly claim that they are offering a higher value product, due to the number and quality of acts performing in one day, this becomes irrelevant if the punter does not like the mix offered.While Sting, Elton John and Chic are all respected and musically talented artists they do not appeal to the majority of the typical Ibiza crew, who are predominately into their clubs and DJ’s.

Over 65% of tourist footfall into Ibiza each year, is under the age of 45. That includes me and I love my music and that covers all genres, but when I go to Ibiza, I want to hear DJ’s and experience the club experience. Thats not to say I don’t like Sting, Elton John and Chic, I do, but Ibiza in my opinion, is not the place for them. Its like serving a cup of tea at Cafe Mambo, it may be on the menu, but nobody will order it because its Ibiza and Ibiza is about freshness, experiencing something new and having fun. Earl grey is not fun…Mojitos, shots, Red Bull and Vodkas are. If Rocktronic can offer something fun and exciting, then they will have the mix right. There is enough talented people behind the festival to deliver something creative that works for the benefit of the Island as a whole. Everybody wants to support a music festival in Ibiza, its a great idea and hopefully, this summer it will make its breakthrough.