The New Ibiza Rocks House @Pikes Hotel.

The ever progressive Ibiza Rocks team, have once again displayed their ability to spot a buisness opportunity, by leasing the iconic Pikes Hotel just outside San Antonio. Now re branded Ibiza Rocks House, they have wisely kept the Pikes Hotel name associated with the new concept.

Ibiza Rocks [email protected] Pikes Hotel will be the official name of the new concept which will launch on the 20th of May. Memories of the infamous Manumission Motel will be rekindled, as the same team that opened that den of iniquity venture into a similar territory again. Mike and Claire were the driving force behind the Manumission Motel but now Andy and Dawn, the more sensible but less charismatic pair of the old partnership, will ensure that Ibiza Rocks House will be less outrageous and more exclusive.

Pikes Hotel is owned by legendary Ibiza social personality, Australian Tony Pike, who built the Hotel by hand from the ruins of a 500 year old Finca back in 1978. The Hotel was synonymous with celebrity wildchilds of the 80’s, who loved to party without inhibitions. Wham famously shot their Club Tropicana video in the Hotels Pool and Freddy Mercury held his week long Birthday Party there. Tony Pike remains a part of the furniture and is still resident in the Hotel.

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