Ibiza Rocks San Antonio

Ibiza Rocks, continues to grow from strength to strength. Now firmly established in Ibiza and on the European Rock circuit, the live music venue is located in San Antonio central. A magnet to the music festival generation, Ibiza rocks attracts party animals intent to party all day and night under the hot Mediterranean sun.
Ibiza Rocks, was born from the iconic Manumission parties held in Privilege nightclub, where over 10,000 people would attend each Monday Night. The driving force behind the Manumission concept, decided in 2005, to channel that unique Ibiza energy into a Live Rock venue, a music genre that was lacking in Ibiza amid the electronic dance sound of the big clubs.
Festival kids from all over Britain soon made Ibiza Rocks their summer holiday destination, as they experienced first hand, the live rock atmosphere that Ibiza Rocks is famous for. Pretentious attitudes are left at the front door, as everybody gets down to enjoy themselves, in an open and free environment where anything goes.
The Ibiza Rocks party, is one of the few that starts in the early evening, with the courtyard of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel jammed with an expectant crowd from 7pm each Wednesday. After a warm up by the resident DJ’s, the live acts usually take to the stage around 9pm and rock the pool area until midnight. Groups of friends dance wildly on their room balconies overlooking the stage, all adding to the crazy atmosphere. The party then moves on to the stylish Es Paradis nightclub, where an uplifted, buzzing crowd, continue to rock until 5am.
A trip to Ibiza is not complete without a visit to an Ibiza Rocks live gig. Tickets and a full listing of live acts can be viewed here with free after party access  http://www.ibizahire.com/ibizainfo/tickets-for-ibiza-rocks-ibiza