Dawn Hindle Ibiza Rocks

An exciting rumour doing the rounds in Miami last week, was the suggestion that Ibiza Rocks and Pacha, would be joining forces under the iconic cherry label. The new party is expected to feature the Ibiza Rocks House concept, previously based at Pikes Hotel on the outskirts of San Antonio. While details of the project are thin on the ground, it is expected that the event will have a Manumission feel to it, centering on Balearic beats, theater and hedonism. Monday night is the only vacant slot left on the Pacha program this year and there has been much speculation as to who Pacha would sign to replace last seasons Epica party. While many people were expecting a DJ focused party, there are now strong rumours to suggest that Andy and Dawn McKay, are the favorites to take the final position on the prized Pacha bill.

Fresh from a very successful Miami Music week and news that the Club retained its Top 3 position on the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs List, Pacha, looks set to cut a dominant figure on the islands clubbing landscape into the foreseeable future. Club manager, Francisco Ferrer, music director Stephen Hulme and all the family at Pacha, seem to have safely steered the clubs new direction onto its next level. They have wisely built a nexus of relationships with professional teams of artists and the arrival of the McKays, will add more value to the experience and talent pool that now resides at the venue. Andy and Dawn, would be considered the unofficial British Embassy in Ibiza and have always conducted their affairs in a manner that was respectful to local culture and with Ibiza Rocks and Manumission on their CV, they have solid credentials. In my opinion, its not a coincidence that the vacant Monday night slot at Pacha, is also the same night that played host to the famous Manumission party at Privilege.

Mike and Claire McKay

Pacha had promised us a surprise for Monday nights, and if the rumours are true, they will have delivered a big one from left field. It opens the door, to the possibility of a Manumission reunion at some stage in the future. When Manumission first arrived on the island in 1994, Pacha had offered the party a monthly slot at the club but the McKays opted instead for a weekly event at Privilege. In 2008, Ibiza Rocks held an after party in the Global Room, so it will be interesting to see what direction and concept any new Ibiza Rocks production will take at Pacha. The Ibiza Rocks House vehicle at Pikes Hotel, never really set the world alight, but it was designed as a niche, invite only styled party. It will be sad to see it depart Pikes, as it did bring new life and energy to the old house. Pacha have stated that they will make an announcement next week on their new Monday night party, so we wont have to wait too long before we know the identity of the new resident at Pacha for Monday nights.