While I may have champagne tastes, my pockets are usually more at home with lemonade prices. I enjoy comfort foods, home cooking with fresh local ingredients, relaxed service on an outdoor terrace, crisp chilled wines and cold beers, especially when its hot outside.  I like to try different styles of cooking but lean towards meat and spices, crispy textures and interesting combinations of flavours that may include vegetables. In Ibiza finding a restaurant that is consistently good, fairly priced and complete with friendly service is not so easy. Nothing is ever perfect in Ibiza, what you loose in one area, you gain in another, so always be prepared to accept compromise.  For the month of August I have selected four restaurants that I would recommenced as they come closest to ticking all the boxes I have mentioned above. The first one we focus on is the new Santa Gertrudis restaurant, I Ben Agust, which is located opposite Casa Todo Antique shop past Bar Costa at the end of the beautiful town square.

I Ben Agust – Santa Gertrudis

Meaning I am content in Eivissenc, this locally owned Spanish restaurant is newly opened in Santa Gertrudis. It serves the same bread as its more illustrious neighbour Bar Costa and its just as fresh but without the long Q’s and pricey cost. In fact, I Ben Agust offers the best value for money menu in Santa Gertrudis right now with its tasty main courses, including its signature crispy chicken dish, starting at just €10. Its a limited menu and when its gone its gone always a good sign in the kitchen.

The chef is Spanish in the morning/afternoon, great for toasts, coffees, pastries and desserts, both of which are homemade by the owners mother. The afternoon menu is full of tasty bocadillos, Moroccan teas, freshly made juices and shakes which are well above average for the price they charge.  In the evening the Chef is Chinese, lending an oriental flavour to its menu which is written on a chalk blackboard in traditional style. The menu changes daily, due to whats available seasonally, but the chefs signature Crispy Peking Duck served with super thin pancakes, is the star of the show when its on but get there early before its gone.

The service is warm, efficient and friendly and they know what they are doing. The location is beautiful, a lovely outdoor terrace tucked snugly under the shade of two trees, a lamppost and a street bench that offers a charming view of the Church square from the bottom of the plaza looking up. The venue has a good energy about it and is becoming popular with the locals and tourists alike for its simple but very tasty menu. I Ben Agust is open for breakfast lunch and dinner every day of the week, so why not check it out, I dont think you will be disappointed. These are the type of restaurants that the island needs more off.

The blog did not receive, or request, gratuities or remuneration for this review and paid its bill in full with tip. The restaurant is walk ins and cash payments only and is located next door to Aguasblancas clothing shop Directions here. Find out who serves the best cheesecake in Ibiza when we next feature the renowned Gran China Restaurant in San Antonio, the excellent Ses Escoles on the San Juan road, Aubergine in San Miguel and Fresh Burgers on The Sunset strip.