Quad that was involved in the accident. Dario De Ibiza.

Local newspapers in Ibiza, are reporting the tragic death of a 31 year old British tourist late last night, in the San Antonio Bay area of the island. The man was a pillion passenger on the bike driven by a 20 year old youth, who suffered a broken leg in the accident, which occurred on the Avenida De Sant Augusti road, which links the resort of San Antonio to Port de Torrent and a number of popular beaches in the area. It is reported that the man who died, suffered a heart attack as he was being treated for a serious head injury after the accident. The 20 year old youth who was driving the bike, lost control and crashed into a lamppost. He was taken to Can Misses hospital where he is in a stable condition. Alcohol tests taken at the scene returned negative and police are blaming excessive speed and road ramps, as a probable cause of the accident which happened at a bend in the road. The man was part of a group of six friends who had travelled to Ibiza on holiday. Only last year, a similar quad bike accident claimed the life of British mother, Lisa Darlington, after a number of other road accidents associated to the riding of Quad bikes on Ibiza roads were reported. An elderly British couple were struck by a quad bike as they crossed the road and a French woman, suffered serious injuries after she crashed her quad bike into a wall. The name of the dead man will not be released until his family are informed of his death. Now may be the time for authorities in Ibiza to re-consider the licencing of Quad Bikes on Ibiza roads, as the deceptively unstable vehicles, are fast becoming a tourist death trap. The blog would like to offer our condolences to the family of the man who died.