Want a Hotel that is free of screaming ankle biters, grannies and old farts, while at the same time understanding a clubbers needs?…………. then the hotels below would be my recommendations for people that want to share the full on Ibiza party experience with fellow like minded guests.


Located on the beach in Playa Den Bossa, the Garbi is one of the best all round Hotels for the clubber
who prefers a little more comfort and style with their accommodation. A great mix of nationalities, the Hotel caters to the 20-40 age group and is chav free. Ideal as a party base, as a person only has to roll out of bed and they are on the beach and in the middle of all the action. Space nightclub is a 20min walk away.


Located directly across the road from Pacha Nightclub, El Pacha Hotel is an upmarket boutique style hotel owned by the Spanish Pacha team. A good mix of nationalities and DJ’s the hotel is a little too far up its own posterior to offer a traditional Ibicenco welcome. A sterile, cold feel about the place and the pool is very small for a purpose built hotel. No late night parties or crazy antics, this hotel would suit a more upmarket client who likes stylish surrounds but with a good nights comfortable sleep. A person is paying for the brand name when staying at El Pacha and they receive complimentary guest list access to the club as a resident.


Unrivaled location directly on the beach next to Bora Bora beach bar. A full on party complex popular with the 18-30 agegroup. Self catering apartments that can sleep up to 6 people and offer groups of friends an ideal base to party hard 24hours a day. No need to worry about noise complaints at the Jet, from June to September its party time all day and all night. Basic to mid range accommodation, a person is paying for the location, large balconies and sea views here.


English owned hotel based in San Antonio and catering to the 18-30 market. Predominately British clientele who love to get down and dirty and party hard. Popular with the Festival crowd the Hotel features live Rock Bands and acts in its open air courtyard next to the swimming pool. A room with balcony and view of the stage is the best way to enjoy the full Ibiza Rocks experience. Very strict about allowing guests into the hotel and this policy can have both advantages and disadvantages. Basic to mid range accommodation, the client is paying  for the atmosphere and live music rather than comfortable beds.