The Mediterranean cruise market is undergoing a new lease of life at present, as Cruise Liners respond to the growing popularity by moving ships to the Mediterranean Basin. Growth has been steady since 2006 with ports such as Civitavecchia in Italy, Barcelona, Palma and Venice all reporting increased passenger footfall mainly from large cruise liners.

Normally the reserve of the Zimmer Frame brigade, crusing holidays are now becoming popular with families as they offer a wide range of entertainment facilities onboard, combined with higher standards of service and food quality. The All Inclusive deals are another factor that attract families, along with the added bonus of calling to different ports every night.

Ibiza is becoming a regular port of call with many of the Cruise Liner companies. The Island is slowly reacting to the new style of business arriving at its ports but not fast enough according to some. It is estimated that over 70,000 visitors will disembark from cruise liners in Ibiza each year. Prices start as low as €459 per person for a 1 week All Inclusive med cruise flights included.  Also becoming popular is the 2 week Cruise/Land holiday, where one week is taken on board the cruise ship and the other week spent on land. These type of Holidays start at €899 per person.