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Ibiza Is First In Spain To Use Drone Delivery Service

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Written by Dan Kirwan

The island has notched up another first, by pioneering a brand new drone delivery service for yachts and boats, a market which has trebled since the pandemic began two seasons ago. Ibiza is now experiencing a daily flotilla of boats descending on the island due to its clean waters, excellent beachside restaurants and the ability to quickly move and shelter from stormy weather  on any side of the island.  Where there is a growing market in Ibiza, there is usually an entrepreneur ready to cash in on it and a Galician company, Aerocameras, has launched a novel service that delivers premium products flown in by drones to yachts anchored at sea

The company is utilising the expertise of  Drone To Yacht who state on their website they partner with “the most exclusive venues in the world”. The company adds “ Can you imagine ordering your food through an app and having a drone take it to you wherever you are? It seems like science fiction but it is already a reality on the yachts anchored off the coast of Ibiza.

The most exclusive delivery in the world has arrived, Drone to Yacht. A user selects from his yacht what he wants to eat, places the order with his cell phone through the DroneToYacht app or website to a specific restaurant, and from there he just has to wait for his food to arrive, literally, flying”

Restaurante Can Yucas in Cala Tarida is first to fly the luxury drone delivery service

Cala Tarida which is particularly packed with boats this season, local residents counted over 70 anchored there recently, has become the first place in Spain to officially launch the service when Restaurante Can Yucas began its drone premium delivery service this week. The drone delivery service will only operate at sea as inland it’s too dangerous to fly with electricity cables and the amount of police drones that are now commonplace over villas and boats to check for illegal parties and events.  We wish the new service the best of luck and safe flying.

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