The infamous Pikes Hotel, just outside San Antonio is rumored to be on the market for sale. Its owner Tony Pike, a legend in Ibiza, is ready to retire due to health reasons.

During the 80’s the Hotel was at the epicenter of the music and party scene on the Island. It was the Hotel to the stars, where the rich and famous came to stay in secluded surroundings. Freddy Mercury was a regular visitor and he first sang  “Barcelona” with Monseratt Caballe at the bar in Pikes, before he went on to KU nightclub (now Privilege) to perform its World Premiere, as the theme for the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.

The Hotel is best known as the location shoot for Whams video “Club Tropicano”. The video was shot in Ibiza at Pikes Hotel and Cala Conte beach in the summer of 1983. Tony Pike starred in the video as the barman with the big mustache, hat and red cravat.

Enjoy the Nostalgia……….