Flashmob for Richie

One of Ibiza’s top DJ’s, Richie Hawtin of Enter fame, was yesterday mobbed by a crowd of people in San Antonio as he played an impromptu gig at a small kiosk bar in the popular sunset resort. Over 1000 people were treated to an open air performance from the islands leading minimal tech DJ. The Hawtin set took place at a small bar called, El Quiosco, on the promenade near the famous egg monument in the centre of San Antonio. It was one of those unique Ibiza moments that happen out of nothing and when least expected. Holidaymakers were whipped into a frenzy by some killer beats and afterwards, Hawtin was carried shoulder high by an appreciative crowd.

Hawtins award winning party at Space was last years big success story, helped in no small way, by a slick and creative marketing concept by the Enter team. So far out in front in terms of social media marketing, Enter has left the competition in its wake as it powers ahead once again this season. Yesterdays astutely choreographed appearance was a triumph for out of the box thinking. It’s parties like Enter that are 100% at home on an island that nurtures creativity and hopefully, others will follow with similar fresh and innovative ideas. There are more gigs planned for the El Quiosco venue with Solomun being rumoured for an appearance there next Tuesday.