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Ibiza Crypto Report December 2021

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Written by Dan Kirwan

One would think that the world of crypto, tokens and NFT’s would be well suited to Ibiza. The Balearic island minted copper coins in the sixteenth century for King Charles I and has a long history in alternative culture. With an independent trading and entrepreneurship tradition, the island was an important commercial centre for the many civilisations that traded the busy North Atlantic-Meditererian shipping route.

The Phoenicians who discovered Ibiza in 650BC established the port as an essential pitstop to restock with water and salt as ships sailed out through the Gibraltar straights and along the coastline of Europe trading Arabic spices and goods for Bacalao, salted coldwater codfish, considered a delicacy in the Mediterranean. It is also said that the Phonecians had already sailed to America, and Christopher Colombus, a fabled son of Ibiza, used their charts to discover the New World for the Kingdom Of Spain. 

There are rumours that several coins are ready to launch in Ibiza right now; the Ibicencos have taken to the crypto world, especially during the pandemic lockdown, and are showing a keen interest and knowledge in cryptocurrency, tokens and NFT’s. Still, it will undoubtedly take bags of local knowledge, contacts and financial backing to launch a successful token in Ibiza. Over 90% of alternative Tokens fail in their first year. Most of the speculators already in the market are currently small operators focussing on the NFT market, as Ibiza offers plenty of value in the world of digital art.  

Yann Pissenem and Hi Ibiza have already staked a claim in the Metaverse with their impressive virtual reality project Sensorium Prism, which has contracted a stellar line-up of DJ talent christened “The Chosen Ones”. Only last week, Adidas set the benchmark for Metaverse branding when it launched its new G Money backed venture, with rumours circulating the company, is looking to invest in the Ibiza music and entertainment sector with a potential partner already identified.  This possible development is being closely watched as it threatens to disrupt the islands local power balance. 

Ibiza Inu was born in space in a galaxy far away, which you can only visit on a highly dosed trip of Fun, Love and Excitement.

So while it may look quiet, the opposite is the reality, as Ibiza is expected to become a significant player/influencer in the metaverse and crypto sector. This week, a Dutch related coin named Ibiza Inu launched with the next generation of euro-crypto kids connected.

Other South African, Australian and British Crypto/NFT prospectors connected to the islands famous party scene are eyeing up the market, determining the best time to launch more boutique crypto projects in a fast-changing and developing market. Everybody is playing their crypto cards very close to their chests, as the metaverse market in Ibiza is fast becoming a high stakes game of poker, with some serious card sharks wanting to buy-in.   

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