A popular and stress free way of enjoying the Ibiza Club experience, is to arrive in style at the front door and to be ushered to the VIP area with personal service direct to a private table. Some people mistakenly feel that VIP areas are the exclusive preserve of celebrities, DJ’s and their friends and access to them is very difficult. Not so in Ibiza, where anything can be obtained, once somebody is willing to pay for it. Ibiza does not discriminate when it comes to cash.

To purchase access to a VIP area in Ibiza, prices start around €150 per person and that will include immediate entry, private table with waitress service, drinks to the value of €150, VIP toilet facilities, and access to all areas of the club. Depending on the club and particular party, prices may increase but so will the amount that is available to drink. Pacha has the best VIP area, followed closely by Amnesia and these clubs are in my opinion, the best way to experience the Ibiza VIP experience.

When a person considers that regular entry to a popular club night is roughly €50 and drinks at the bar are €10-15 each, then €150 may be considered value for the private comfort and style of a VIP area. Add in the Q’s for entry, bar service and toilets, along with overcrowding, then VIP service becomes much more of an attractive option.

Private Seating and Table Service

I always prefer to be on the floor with everybody else but every now and again its nice to book a VIP table as a treat and to see how the other half live. Its ideal for people wanting comfortable facilities, somewhere to sit down and people watch from the best vantage spots in the Club.

To book a VIP Table at any of the Ibiza clubs, I personally recommend Ibiza Hire. As a special offer to followers of the Blog, Ibiza Hire will charge no booking fee, just the direct cost from the club which will include a deposit to secure the table. To avail of this offer just contact [email protected] and mention the DannykayBlog.