Some of my favorite beaches in Ibiza, are the small and intimate bays and coves dotted around its 150 Km coastline. Ibiza is a small island, so long sandy beaches are not commonplace. Instead, the “Cala” beaches are the most prominent beaches on the Island. Cala means beautiful or pretty in Spanish, and this is an apt description of the many Cala Beaches in Ibiza. Their waters are calm and settled.  On the east coast near the Airport, is Ibiza’s longest stretch of beach called Salinas. It extends into the Playa Den Bossa beach, and is one of the best beaches in Europe. Below are some of my favorite Ibiza Beaches.

Cala Tarida Beach

Cala Tarida

One of the biggest Cala’s in Ibiza, with some excellent waters and small rock Islands to dive off. The sand is soft and fine and the walk into the sea is shingle free. A lovely small and quiet resort, Cala Tarida is well serviced by regular bus and water taxi from San Antonio center. It takes about 20 mins to reach the beach from San Antonio. The best way to travel is by boat and a return trip will cost in the region of €6 from San An. Last boat leaves around 7pm.

Cala Conte Beach.

Cala Conte

Made famous as the beach location shoot, for the Wham Club Tropicana Video featuring George Michael. Other scenes were also shot at El Figueral. A beautiful wide stretch of beach with some small islands at its mouth. Soft and fine sand with no shingle, it is regarded by the locals as one of the best beaches to experience the magical Ibiza sunset. There is no resort built around it, so its a natural parkland with beautiful views without the concrete. Regular bus and boat timetables from San An service the beach and there are a few restaurants there, most notably the popular wedding and sunset beach venue, Sunset Ashram.

Cala D’Hort Beach.

Cala D’Hort

Located on the west coast, with breathtaking views of sunset, enhanced by the imposing and powerful presence of Es Vedra, Cala D’Hort has a special reverence on the Island. It takes a little effort to reach the beach, as it is not serviced by public transport or boat taxi. A car or scooter is required. Popular with the locals and mainland Spanish visitors, the beach thankfully lacks commercial tackiness. In the peak months, it is hard to find parking there, as everybody arrives by car. It is also the gateway to the fabled city of Atlantis, a hippy place of worship. Atlantis is in fact an old Phoenician quarry, but hippy folklore consider the whole area around Es Vedra to be spiritual and uniquely important to them.One of the best Paellas on the island is served at the Restaurante Es Bodaldo, which overlooks the beach and a pleasant spot for lunch or sunset dinner.

Cala Benirras Beach


Located in the North West of the Island, in a protected nature reserve, Benirras is home to the large hippy population of Ibiza. The Ibiza hippy set are a diverse group and it is unfair to label them all as “Hippies” but the majority of them practice, freedom, peace, love and respect for nature and its beauty. Many head to the north of the Island to disconnect from the commercial and corporate world, and the area around Benirras is home to people of a similar “consciousness”  Every Sunday from 6pm onwards, they wander down to their local beach, to beat the drums to sunset. Its a special experience, that is well worth experiencing, as the whole event has a wild abandon about it as grandmothers and others suddenly pick up on its unique energy and dance to the primeval beat. The Beach itself is not great, as its littered with cigarette buts and stones. There is heavy shingle as you walk into the water and I have stubbed many a big toe on the rocks there. One thing it does have, is breathtaking beauty, surrounded by pine trees and a fabulous vista out onto sea, where the rock know as “Gods Finger” protrudes from the water pointing towards the heavens. There are a few restaurants, notably the fish specialist Restaurante 2000. It is very hard to reach and there are no public transport links or boat taxis, a car is essential. Parking is impossible during the busy summer months, so it is advisable to arrive early around 3pm and stay for the day.

Cala Salada Beach

Cala Salada Beach

Located on the north west coast of San Antonio, to the far side of Cap Blanc, this beach is a well kept secret on the Island. Very quiet and secluded, but only 15 mins by car from San Antonio, it is approached by a long and winding downhill road. Its a beautiful Cala, free of ugly development in the area. There is no public transport to the beach, so crowds tend to avoid the place, replaced instead by a chilled, relaxed vibe, that is popular with locals and people in the know. Its a trendy spot, with some good restaurants, most notably the Restaurante Cala Salada which serves some tasty local fish dishes.

Salinas Beach

Trendy Salinas Beach

Ibiza’s most trendy beach, popular with the “in crowd” and fashion conscious. Dont expect to see too many beer bellies or muffin tops on display, but instead an international display of fit, toned, bikini clad young socialites. Its a musical and busy atmosphere, with many beach bars reflecting a more relaxed and chilled out vibe. It is the birthplace of the Ibiza beach bar scene and the sand is fine, soft and shingle free. Small breakers lap the coastline, which is flanked by sand dunes and pine trees. Parts of the beach are nudist and gay friendly, complimenting its cosmopolitan vibe. One of the best in the Mediterranean and the original Ibiza beach. There is a public transport service, and the nearby resort of Playa Den Bossa heaves with the clubbing set which is home to Space nightclub and the infamous Bora Bora beach bar.

Aqua Blanca Beach

Aqua Blanca Beach

Located on the North East side of the Island, Aqua Blanca in parts, is a popular nudist beach. More a naturalist nudity than the exhibitionist style, the beach is detached in parts, which allows for varying degrees of freedom. The further along to the north, the more natural it is. Not easy to find, and located down a dirt camino, access is through the hippy chic town of San Carlos, home to the famous Anitas bar on the corner. A must do when in Ibiza especially for mammas home made salad. The beach has medium sized breakers with views of nearby San Vincent. There is no public transport and a car is required. Never really crowded, the beach has a unique vibe and feel about it, even I partook with the impulse to bare all and swim naturally.

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