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Ibiza April Nature Report

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Hello nature lovers and welcome to this April edition of Wild Thymes!

I don’t know about YOU but everyday that goes by, in the current day to day situation we are facing in the world wherever you may be;  I have the feeling of becoming a hunter-gatherer more and more..  

In this article  we’ll discuss more about gathering rather than hunting, not sure it’s the right time or place for that…  yet. 🙂   excuse me if you are vegan.. 

I understand most of us are used to making money in order to eat and be healthy, but if you live in Ibiza and you pay attention, there are plenty of healing plants and food to go around for all in our beautiful island. 

Flower powers as medicine and food!  I’ll share with you my top 3 flowers which are blooming from around the beginning of Spring and onwards, almost until fall! So plenty of time to be gathering, preserving and using.   

Flower power healing potion tip:

The easiest DIY medicine you can do with this magical plant is to collect as many you think you need for personal use.

  1. Let them dry for two days.
  2. Then put them in a mason jar or any small or large glass container, mixed in with a base oil: almond, sesame, olive or fractionated coconut oil, whatever you have access to is ok. 
  3. Let them soak for two weeks, as a general rule of thumb, you can keep the yellow/orange flowers soaking in sunshine and the lilac/purple/blue flowers in the shade.
  4. The last step is to filter the oil and then store in your favorite medicinal bottle to apply to your skin as you wish.  

Happy healing and may you become like Benjamin Buttons…

Helichrysum Italicum (Spa. Siempre viva / Fra. Immortelle)

This is for sure my favorite flower of the top 3, legend has it that if you sniff and take deep breaths of this flower, it may heal your emotions. 

As a topical oil it is super healing for any kinds of skin defects or abrasions, Siempre Viva, it never dies, it basically makes your skin inmortal, it may be the fountain of youth, one of many healing powers we find in the fields of Ibiza.  

Other healing qualities include: anti-inflammatory, healing, softening, anti-itching, and soothing, and provides luminosity.

Traditionally it is used for skin with eczema, bruises and wounds, canker sores, etc.

 the local ibiza name could be known as Mançanella. In bloom from late march until the end of summer.

Trivial facts about the flower: Siempre Viva was Salvador Dali’s wife Gala’s favorite flowers, so their home was always covered with them, in hallways, on top of cupboards, next to their beds, everywhere.  Every May the museum staff collect fresh flowers to decorate the spaces

Teucrium capitatum  (Spa. Almoradul) 

Well what can I say, I love sniffing flowers, not sure what sniffing this one in particular does, but I love it anyway, ahhhh deep breath!  It is said that Teucrium has at least 12 known medicinal properties and has been included in many scientific studies, but honestly not a lot of info on this flower power is main-stream.  

 Scientific paper excerpt: “There are more than 200 species of Teucrium including Teucrium capitatum which is used by Palestinians and Jordanians as a folk medicine. Teucrium capitatum is extracted here by original procedures inspired uniquely from the old Palestinian and Jordanian traditions (juice and infusion)..”

 Additional info: -“Nissim Krispil designates it as the “queen of medicinal plants in the land of Israel”. A tisane brewed from its leaves is used to increase appetite, for the treatment of open wounds, to calm babies, and against many maladies: pains, fever, chills, diabetes, asthma, intestinal worms, internal disease of the kidneys and genitals, intestinal tract lesions, respiratory problems, nausea during pregnancy, and weakness during menstruation. “ – source:

Locally known as herba de Sant Ponç, AKA Cat-thyme) The name is believed to refer to King Teucer of Troy. In bloom from spring until late summer.

This being said, it is time to go into the wild and gather some of these very abundant flower powers…  

a little tip for you: Siempre Viva and Teucrium sometimes are growing side by side in nature,  so you get two for the price of one!   You may also follow the maceration instructions of Siempre viva and apply them to Teucrium, please keep in mind that the medicinal properties are different in both flowers. 

The best areas to forage for Teucrium are the Sant Mateo hills… near a place called Torres den Lluc… it’s a magical hike,  I can take you there anytime, shoot me a message via social media. 

Allium roseum  (Mouse Garlic Flower / Wild Garlic, Spa. Ajo Silvestre) 

Medicinal uses: its antifungal and antibacterial, and when added to the diet on a regular basis they help reduce blood cholesterol levels, act as a tonic to the digestive system and also tonify the circulatory system

Culinary uses: When I gather many of these flowers while riding my bicycle through the backroads of San Carlos, I come home and make myself some rice, you can sprinkle the fresh flowers and use it as a flavor enhancer.

If you want a little garlic-onion powerboost to your day, just take a bite of the flower directly, start slow, first taste one of the petals, then move on to eating the whole flower.

It’s best to use the petals fresh on top of food, do not cook it otherwise it will lose its properties.

Tip: You can also arrange beautiful and super aromatic bouquets with all 3 of the flowers mentioned today! Your loved one will appreciate that… 🙂 wink wink.

Local names can include: All de bruixa. All de moro. Allassa vermella. Porradell bord.  In bloom March, April and the first week of May.

That’s all folks, thanks for going on this journey with me today, any questions feel free to contact me and I hope you are keeping safe during these strange times. 

In the next blog post I’ll be talking about how to make your very own Geodesic Dome to create Chicken Coop, Temazcal or Greenhouse.  keep posted and thanks..

 Think Local, Act Local.


Gato Suarez in Ibiza, Spain

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