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Ibiza 2020 A Year In Review

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Written by Dan Kirwan 

What a year we have just lived through. High emotions, fear, confusion, change and departure surrounded us like no other. For those who love and work on the island of Ibiza, it’s been an especially tough year with many barely hanging on by their fingertips as they try to wrestle with bleak prospects, Brexit and reduced hours in the face of rising costs of living in Ibiza.

For me personally, 2020 has been extremely challenging, it’s marked a new dawn and while Ibiza will always play an important part in my life, I now have new priorities to nurture. Ibiza has been changing into a horse of a different color and pedigree for the last ten years or so, and this year has witnessed the beginning of the end for many old ways of life on the island.

I will be writing a review of Ibiza 2020 in the coming weeks, it’s been such an eventful season that selecting the direction and stories to include and exclude, is currently the most difficult part of composing the article. But as they say here in Catalonia, poc a poc, little by little I will get there!

So on the eve of a New Year, I would like to take this opportunity to offer all my followers and your families, my heartfelt good wishes for 2021 and hope it will be one we can all face with unity, courage and hope.



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