While not a vintage year for the clubbing industry in Ibiza, its been more of a predictable one, with the big parties from last season consolidating their position at the top with little change on the island, as no new party has really broken through. There has been a few notable ones, which we will mention later, but “the industry” will be quiet happy with themselves that they are gaining a foothold on the island, as a new generation of clubber is happy to follow the dictate of the popular media. Space has grabbed all the headlines, as it sets sails on its final voyage. We will cover the Space debate at a later date, but my view is that all things must come to their natural end and I feel now is the time for Space in its old form, to bow out gracefully. There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye and time will disclose all. The raid by revenue officials on Amnesia has not hampered its continued success this year with arch rival Pacha also doing a strong trade. Ushuaia is in good health, as is Space in its final year, with both Carl Cox and Elrow performing strongly. Sadly, the same cannot be said about Privilege and I feel the old creaking clubs days, are numbered.  Below is our list of what we think are the best parties of Ibiza 2016.

Carl Cox

No surprise that Carl Cox is #1 in Ibiza this summer. The most admired and popular DJ on the island says goodbye to his beloved residency at Space. The hard working British DJ deserves a well earned break, but I have no doubt that we will see the legend return to an island residency once he recharges his batteries. His loyalty to Pepe Rosello, speaks volumes about the integrity of the man and the sold out signs at Space on Tuesday nights have been the norm this season.


Music On

The Italians continue to rule the roost in Ibiza and their influence is once again strong on the islands musical identity. Music On continues to pack in the crowds on Friday nights at Amnesia and its has a very loyal Azzurri following. It still has one of the best atmospheres on the island and a soundtrack of quality Techno to accompany it with Marco Carolo on top form once again. The big question is, will he be with Amnesia next year?


The relocation to Space was a wise move for Elrow as it has built on its success at the Vista Room in Privilege. Hearing nothing but good reports about Elrow this summer and its the place to go to have a fun, Saturday night experience. The Spanish party is hotly tipped to be part of the Matutes Group plans for its new project at the old Space site.


The top daytime party on the island by a country mile. Ants has been killing it this season and its the party that lends Ushuaia its edge amid all the big production line EDM acts. Its uber trendy with a music policy to match the one at DC10 but the vibe at Ants is different as its a much more cosmopolitan crowd with a lot of workers in the mix. For clubbers its the place to be seen in Ibiza.


Musically, one of the best parties on the island and most importantly for Pacha, its selling out the VIP tables to the same level of FMIF on Thursdays. Solomon’s wages are rumoured to be second only to David Guetta who is reported to be on €3.2 million a year and the Bosnian DJ’s rise to the Top has been eye catching to say the least.


Insane is where its happening this summer and Pacha must be well pleased at how this party has worked out for them. Alternating between promotions run by Hot Since 82, Nic Fancuilli, MK and Luciano has worked a treat, allowing a trendy sound to emanate from the iconic club which is rumored to be on the market. Its one of the best programs put together by Pacha in recent years and its refreshing to see the Ibicenco club performing so well this season.

Best New Parties


The London based party which has its residency at Sankeys, is the new kid on the block this year in Ibiza. Its got an edgy, fresh sound with a cool clientele into their music. Its easily the best debut party on the island and one of the few that is bringing new talent to the decks. One to watch and will be in demand when the transfer window opens next February.


This is the one everybody is talking about as its got a very interesting concept. Its rooted in old Ibiza, its Moorish and Hippy culture with a music policy that is certainly different from the norm, billing DJ’s not well know, but talented in their own right and producing a new sound in the beautiful outdoor setting of Cova Santa. Personally I love what they are doing at Woomoon and the island needs more of these parties to counter the EDM and industry styled events.


The Vegan sound of the Czech and Slovaks has arrived in Ibiza and they have certainly introduced us to a fresh wave of Techno, which has its own unique identity. Bordering on the dark side, with expertly mixed twists, experimental effects and add lips, Allergen has built itself a cult following in the West End of San Antonio. What makes it even better, is that its free entry as the Friday night party is held in Hush, the beacon for good music in the West End. One for the notebook and another that is sure to be in demand when the transfer window opens in February, as it needs to expand its potential.