So Donald Trump is President elect, Space is now resigned to the History books and Pacha has been reportedly sold to a cloaked investment company, truly momentous changes on both the world and islands stage not to mention Brexit and the shift in Spanish politics. Much has been written about the demise of Space and the election of another actor to the Worlds most powerful position, but the opposite applies to Ushuaia and Pacha, where its all been quiet on the Western front. I doubt the identity of the organ grinders behind the Trilantic takeover of Pacha will remain shrouded, as nothing in Ibiza is ever kept secret for too long. We will be focusing on this story at a later date but suffice to say its sure to be a juicy one!

One thing that cannot be said about the island, is that it is boring. It never fails to surprise or throw up a story that could only happen in Ibiza, the high profile revenue raids at Amnesia and rumours of cash been found in walls and fridge freezers at other clubs, was a fine example of the shenanigans at play. Nothing is ever straight forward or is what it seems, the whole island reflects the characteristics of a chameleon and that is one of the reasons why we love it so much.

I am happy to report that the unique magic that is present there still exists and I was privileged to witness it at another level this season. While my blog posts were fleeting it was because I was immersed in the islands magic for over seven months and survived to tell the tale. The experience will enrich future blog posts and the direction of the blog so 2016 has been an eventful season for myself personally in more ways that one. I look forward to sharing some of those insights and I do hope that you will share and enjoy them with me.