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I Have A Dream Where I Reconnect With The Real Ibiza

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Back in the early days when the island and its tourists moved together as one, not so long ago during our parents’ generation, Ibiza was a magical place. A romantic and simpler time, when touch, feel and understanding of the island and her people were welcomed with a soft Balearic embrace and a chupito. When Shirley Valentine styled tourists would fall in love, marrying local family names with imported blood, establishing long lasting bonds between the island and her International family. 


Instead of going to clubs late at night, tourists mainly of French, German, British and Scandavian origin would hire a car or bike and go explore the island, take photos, swim in some secret cove and stumble across a family restaurant tucked away inland, where the Ibicencos farmers would greet them with warm smiles, local food and homemade Hierbas.


They would stay for a minimum of two weeks, becoming friends and lovers of the workers and local staff, many returning year after year to the same place where they would spend their money on local business. Local artists, musicians and writers were the DJ,s and they would interact with tourists, bring them to local dances and concerts which all finished at midnight.

Afterwards nobody knew where the night would end, if Tanit smiled benevolently, her mistress would take you by the hand and lead you to a place full of interesting people, and after a night of awakening, you became a different person. Like a caterpillar transforming into a Butterfly. Ibiza ignited a flame inside you, something raw and connected to her energy. 

Celebrities and movie stars would keep a low profile preferring to drive around in an old island car disguising rather than broadcasting their fame, so that they could enjoy the freedom the island inspired.  I was very lucky to arrive on the island just as that era was coming to an end. In 1995 there was no internet or mobile phones interaction with local culture and its beloved currency The Peseta was both enjoyable and rewardable thanks to its unique spending power. For me, Ibiza changed when the Euro was introduced back in 2000 so currency and how we value it is important.

The island’s playfull emissary Bes came knocking on my door, illuminating a path that would lead me back to those magical times and like a scene from Brigadoon, an Ibiza Token appeared.

I have dreamed many nights of returning to that beautiful time of innocence and self discovery, an island in the sun where restless souls found themselves, so imagine my surprise recently when Ibiza`s most eminent emissary, Bes , came knocking on my digital door, illuminating a path that has the potential to lead me back to those more simple times and like a scene from Brigadoon, Ibiza Token magically appeared. 

Ibiza Token aims to change the way business is conducted in Ibiza, with a more wholesome, organic and community based approach which tries to reconnect us with the spirit of those early days, when the tourist and the island were one, connected to each other by respect, friendship and love. 

So what is Ibiza Token. First and foremost we are part of the Ibiza Family, people who have worked or lived here and call Ibiza their home either in spirit or citizenship. The island’s resident artists, healers, musicians, teachers, writers, ChamAn and DJ`s who all have a direct connection into the island’s soul. The ones who continue to survive under a corrupt system, where the freedom to express one’s unique identity has been taken away, as we become slaves to globalisation and online charlatans. Pirates, middle men and tourist trappers now feed off that old bond of goodwill that was built between the tourist and the island over many decades, polluting its land and sea with greed always promoting advertorial image over substance.

The concept has allowed us to come together to help take Ibiza back from those who continue to disrespect and exploit  and instead develop an environment that values those who care for, nourish and nurture the real Ibiza, ensuring her legacy is protected for our children to enjoy. Coincidently modern technology has found a way to do this and it’s called The Blockchain, a decentralised community based trading and payments application that directly links the tourist to the islander in a private and secure way just like the days of old.

There are no big commissions, no sterile middlemen charging 15% booking fees, or pirates tourist trapping clients with fake news and dishonest practices. Those loud egotistical voices have had their time and what they have left in their wake is a mixed bag, some fine people who integrated into the island’s culture with a professional style that influenced Ibiza as an international brand and those who weren’t so good. Thankfully that Space Generation were made of the right stuff, ensuring that era was a golden one for the island and probably reaching its Zenith

Inside the Blockchain your wallet is directly connected to the trader’s wallet in what is called a peer to peer connection, a direct link, like a financial umbilical cord between two people that is controlled by an app on your phone. The best known peer to peer connection in my world was the Tor Browser used by many people who would have danced freely alongside the hippies on the island.

I won’t go into too much detail here regarding the detailed specs, governance, audits and premium technical support that the Blockchain offers right now, as it would take up lots of space and essentially divert from my story. But please be assured I have checked with due diligence and it’s all in order and we will be explaining things as we go along, step by step. I have also checked out the Blockchain behind this and they have been verified to my satisfaction by the Ibiza family themselves. So please I would suggest you check out the Ibiza Token Website and its Medium Channel where you will find all the information you need regarding Blockchain technology. The science bit as they say on those skin care adverts

My story focuses on the ethos and values of Blockchain Tokens as its the main reason I have decided to promote and partner with its ethos, solely for the reason as I would love to leave the island in a better place than which I found it, and I strongly believe there are many of you out there who feel the same way. Last week I travelled to her shores to assemble and recruit a team of twelve people, disciples of Ibiza who I know will want to make the island a better and more inclusive place to live for everybody, not just a select few. We will be revealing these names, all experts in their chosen fields as we develop. For Tokens to work, its very important that the social foundations of the Ibiza Blockchain is solid as a Rock. As the Catalans say Poc a Poc, little by little.


Those of us who understand local culture and Catalan tradition, will work with and respect local government laws and together we will agree a sustainable, legal framework that is built on integrity, trust and friendship. That’s exactly what this new Blockchain technology does, built with Ethereum, its currency is validated by the quality of those who are connected into it, the larger the blockchain, the stronger the trading power of the community becomes. But it’s all about quality over quantity and that’s why Ibiza Tokens need to be selective and careful with the service providers it connects with.  Those with strong reputations that stretch back generations, good people born in Ibiza who now believe there are alternative ways to do business while at the same time valuing local art and culture. 


A huge part of Ibiza Token is its NFT marketplace, a digital auction room where artists based in Ibiza can upload their work and attract bids or private donations. It provides Ibiza artists with a state of the art platform to connect with the World and display unique content and energy that resonates with and is born in Ibiza. Blockchain Technology and NFTs will support artistic creativity by helping local artists monetize their art by a simple digital upload on our marketplace. The NFT sector is currently experiencing a Klondike Gold Rush style migration from traditional art to digital. It’s a trendy business right now with some well known Ibiza names involved including Yann Pissenenem and Amnesia, which sold its first piece of digital art for over €5,000 just edging out the Pissenenem brothers to be the first club to do so. 


At Ibiza Token its ethos aims to be different, a more select and bespoke product that reflects the original hippy and family vibe of the island. To first and foremost support Creativity, independent artists, free thinkers and black sheep, while also celebrating diversity. Ibiza Token will go down in the History books as the first ever dedicated NFT platform and cryptocurrency platform devoted solely to the island and her indeginous art and culture and we have been invited aboard to sail off into a digital horizon much like Columbus did back in 1492. We will be writing the log and publishing killer content that is reflective of its partners and ethos.


It’s time for the island’s soft, spiritual and organic soul to receive and enjoy its moment in the sun. Change is coming and Ibiza Token is the first to take advantage of these fluid times, as it is regulated and licenced by the EU and trades under Spanish law.  After much thought and research on the matter, I have decided to be part of that journey, as life changing opportunities don’t come along very day and in the interests of the Blog, which I have protected with my heart and soul for 23 years, I think it’s time for DannyKay to join forces with a brave team of community minded travellers who share our vision for a brighter future for the island. 


I also understand that this is a spiritual trip, as Bes has opened doors to certain people and closed them to others, as we travel our path together in search of those who share our values and want to make a difference. If you would like to join this journey, I will be preparing an exclusive gift wallet packed with goodies for my followers so keep an eye out for this next week as we look more into the detail and introduce the team.

The quality and caliber of partners and those who support the concept, will directly reflect the product and service we offer and I am excited to reveal the select names that will be joining and working with to reclaim the island for Tanit and Bes and an “on trend” way to do business in Ibiza.

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