Ibiza is fast becoming a popular destination for couples who want to get married on the island famous for its sunsets, music, beautiful landscapes with amazing light and energy. Booking a good wedding DJ in Ibiza is vital to the success of any wedding celebration but there are a few important things that people should know before booking a DJ for your big day. In Ibiza Wedding DJ’s are not as plentiful as some people would expect, as the person needs to be able to play a wide music selection to cater for all the age groups that make up a wedding celebration. Most of the Ibiza DJ’s are connected to the big clubs and specialise in a certain style of music usually techno or house. They don’t normally have their own sound equipment, just a laptop or USB stick which they plug into the in house decks and play away using the clubs lights, amps and speakers. Most will not have their own mobile systems to play weddings and rent them on the day from local service providers or the wedding venue itself. Its always important that you check with the venue if it has a sound system that a DJ can plug into as this can save couples some money.

A trendy Club DJ playing house and techno can charge anything from €1500 to €10000 to play at your Ibiza wedding and they will want the venue to provide the sound system. What couples need to remember, is that the Ibiza Wedding market is a short season and DJ’s and other service providers need to earn enough cash in four months to cover them for the year. This is why Ibiza prices and quotes seem so high. There are DJ’s on the island that specialise in Weddings playing a range of party music from 60’s to 80’s, Rock Classics and pop anthems. They may not have a trendy club name but they cater to the wedding market that requires a party DJ that can play to a family crowd so that all guests enjoy themselves. These DJ’s can charge from €800-€1500 depending on the size of the venue and the month the Wedding is booked for. They will also provide their own sound rig and will reduce their fee if the venue has its own sound system.

Another important factor that couples may not be aware of when booking a DJ for a wedding in Ibiza, is the local laws governing the playing of music after midnight. All outdoor music has to stop at midnight. This is a strictly enforced law and any villa or venue owner who gives the impression that this is not a problem, is misleading their client. I know of many couples who were not made aware of this when booking their Ibiza Wedding DJ as some unscrupulous owners will want to hide this fact to ensure that the client books their service. After midnight music can move indoors but it has to be kept to a controlled level, so as not to upset neighbors that live in the locality – basically the same laws as at home. There are a small few venues that have their own sound proof rooms that are licensed as Clubs and they can play until 4am. In the majority of cases most beach venues and restaurants will play indoors with the music lowered until 2am. Fussy neighbors can restrict that even further if they complain to the police, so its always very important to check what time music can be played to before booking with the villa or venue owner. Some areas are very restrictive, others not so much.

My recommendation to couples that want to party all night long, is to book a VIP table at a club like Pacha and continue the celebration in style with a world class DJ in the club. There is an Ibiza super club within a 20 minute radius of the majority of wedding venues located on the island. A little forward planning can extend the party all night long if required. All the famous and trendy DJ’s play Ibiza during the summer season so a wedding party will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a popular DJ in Ibiza. Having played Ibiza Weddings myself, I always find that most of the older and younger guests are happy to finish up at 2am and go home to their beds. I have seen weddings book transfers to bring them on the clubs at 2am in the morning to party the rest of the night away, as other guests are transferred back to the hotels. Each wedding is different.

When it comes to music selection and style it is always best to agree a playlist with your Ibiza Wedding DJ before the event. That way the DJ will get a feel for your crowd and your particular style of music, weather its a fun party theme, or a trendy techno style. Music will have to be selected for the first dance, while sitting down for dinner, as guests arrive and during the celebration. Dinner is normally served from 7pm to 10pm followed by the first dance of the newly married Bride and Groom. The party then gets going after the first dance and this is when the DJ will be working their magic. The party can then move indoors after midnight and continue with the volume controlled until 2am for restaurants and beach venues that have the proper licences.

Our advice is not to spend over the odds on a Wedding DJ in Ibiza as they will only be paying for a couple of hours. While they will have to be present and on call with their equipment set up from the time the bridal party arrives, we would suggest that couples book reliable and reputable DJ’s with experience of playing Ibiza weddings. They will know the venues and owners and what equipment to bring that will best suit your venue. We are happy to suggest some options but do remember that Ibiza Wedding DJ’s book out quickly so its always best to organise your DJ early. Contact us here on the blog through our Contact Page and we will be happy to point you in the right direction of some recommended Wedding DJ’s that we have worked with in the past.