Over 1.7 million people visit Ibiza each year. There are enough rooms available to cater for the majority of holidaymakers on the Island. Only in the month of August is there 90-100% occupancy rates.

Star and key Ratings In Ibiza are different to star ratings in other countries. Spain have different classification regulations, but in general a 4 star property would be similar to 3 star property in England, USA or cities in developed Europe. Key ratings are given to apartments.

There are 5 main types of Hotels in Ibiza;

  • Group Hotels                              
  • Agrotourism/Boutique 
  • Hostals
  • Privatley owned.
  • GPS managed and owned.

Group Hotels Professionally run and managed, these Hotels are a safe bet when considering booking accommodation in Ibiza. The offer a consistent standard of quality and care, staff are uniformed and trained, and work within a company structure. While they may not reflect true Ibicenco hospitality, due to the size of  the Hotels and large amount of rooms, they do offer a standard that is familiar to other group hotels across the world.

The largest Hotel group operating in Ibiza with 15 hotels, is the locally owned Fiesta Group. A reputable and well managed group, they cater to the mass tourist population especially the Family market. They are a safe and reliable Hotel and work hard to ensure that they remain as a leader in their field. Room standards are above average and well maintained especially in their 4 star properties.

The same can be said of the Sirenis Group, the main competitor to Fiesta. Sirenis offer a similar product of well managed, professional and above average service. They also cater predominately to the Family market and have 6 Hotels in Ibiza many of them in the 4 star category.

Insotel Hotels have 3 hotels in Ibiza and 2 in Formentera. They offer a good quality of service and accommodation with an emphasis on facilities and range of product. Family friendly, their properties are well maintained and presented and popular with Spanish and German families.

The Azuline Group of hotels offer a more budget orientated experience. Once again, they are managed under a company structure so certain standards are maintained. Their Hotels would not be as big as the Fiesta and Serenis Hotels in size or quality but they offer good value for money. Because of their value, they may attract a younger clientele who like to party and have a good time and the hotel would be more tolerant of the young and lively atmosphere.

The Invisa Hotels are a mid range group with 5 properties on the Island. The La Cala in Santa Eularia is their most popular hotel, especially popular with the more mature customer. Also in this range are the Emsa, THB and Servitur Hotels .all of which have a good reputation and are a safe bet.

Interur run the popular Hawaii and Miami hotels. They have a well established reputation on the Island and are just above mid range quality. The Sol Melia group would be a similar mid range operation with 3 hotels on the Island.

Barcello, Mirador,  and Confort also have properties on the Island.

(more to follow)