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Hostal Salinas Hosts Monica Benet Art Exhibition

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Written by Dan Kirwan

Contemporary Spanish abstract artist Monica Benet, a talented craftswoman who resides in Marbella, will hold an Ibiza exhibition at Boutique Hostal Salinas this week.  The exhibition entitled Verni Ssage will take place as a private viewing over two days, Thursday the 16th and Friday the 17th of September, from 6.30 pm to midnight at the beachside venue which changed ownership last season

The new Italian owners have completely turned around the business model at the venue, which now provides a more sophisticated and artistic offering to its clients. The former party venue has been reborn under its new management and is tapping into the ever-growing wellness and healing market on the island.

While this market has always been present bubbling under the surface, it has really bloomed in the absence of the clubs this year. The Dutch have plugged into this sector and have brought a certain professionalism to bear, with many old fincas transformed as retreats, yoga and wellness centers, offering a more refined and stylish experience. 

Benet is no stranger to Ibiza and spent four years at Escola d’Arts d’Eivissa, nearby to where she hosts her latest exhibition

She also studied Psychology at A-Level in London along with Spanish and French which led her to Paris for three years picking up a Diploma in Textile Design. This combined with time spent living with diverse cultures in Morocco, Japan and Switzerland have influenced her style towards fusion designs, a rich bazaar of tactile and visual work.

It’s an exciting time for the island’s artistic direction and the venue Boutique Hostal Salinas, as a new wave of fresh and creative people and concepts land on her shores. 

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