Ibiza is considered a place of the youth and sometimes we forget that the elderly are very much a part of Island life. In fact, Ibiza was revered as a gateway to the next life by the Carthaginians, who buried their nobility on the slops of Dalt Villa, at the necropolis of Puig De Moulins. Even today, many world weary travellers find peace on the Island and remain there to live out their days. A new service to help the elderly and people with mobility disabilities has just been launched on the Island, called Homecare Ibiza. Its aim is to provide flexible respite and care options for people who Holiday or reside on the Island of Ibiza.

Its founder is 55 year old Peter Gregory, a proud Lancashire lad who was born in Manchester. A highly qualified healthcare professional, he fell in love with Ibiza over twenty five years ago, when he first discovered the alluring power of the Island. He and his wife Tatiana, took the brave move to set up home in Ibiza and start a business, to assist individuals who wanted to lead an independent life within their own home but who also required a little help from time to time. Its a noble vocation to assist the elderly and people less fortunate than ourselves and Homecare Ibiza is a welcome member of the Ibiza family. A full list of the Homecare Ibiza services and details can be found by visiting their Facebook Page