Amnesia in the mid 80’s with Alfredo

An interesting promotion that caught my eye recently, amid the dense foliage of the Ibiza publicity jungle, is the History Of Music From Ibiza party, that is due to take place next Saturday, at Plastik Beach Club in Playa Den Bossa. Billed as “An analog journey through the pure essence of Ibiza in the 80’s and 90’s with original DJ’s from that epoch….. Vinyl Only”, it is an event well worth checking out, if only to experience the distinctive sound of vinyl, as it hisses and scratches over the circular groves. There is nothing quiet like the unique sound that vinyl produces, its a much fresher feel than digital and for old music aficionados like myself, its a nostalgic return to the days of our youth, when white label 12″ imports, were the hot currency of the dance music industry. The party has assembled under the one roof, some of the leading artists of the vinyl period in Ibiza, most notably, DJ Alfredo and DJ Pippi. Both need little or no introduction, but if a person was to compare them to the commercial DJ’s of Ibiza today, it would be like having Tiesto and David Guetta playing side by side at the same venue.

DJ Pippi may not have received the same reverence as Alfredo, but the Italian was a big influence on the Ibiza scene in the early eighties, having started at Pacha in 1984, he went on to play KU (now Privilege) at the same time Alfredo was taking off as an afterparty to his, at Amnesia across the road. That was the Golden era of open roof parties under the stars in Ibiza and one that was so influential in dance music culture. Also on the main bill is Spanish DJ SolDado, local Ibicenco Joan Ribas, who was a Pacha Resident for twenty years, DJ Reche, who like Carl Cox, started his Ibiza career playing at Playboy Club in San Antonio, pioneering dance radio DJ, David Moreno and Amnesia Hard House DJ Toni Oneto. The event kicks off at 6pm on Saturday 16th of September and for only €15 includes a complimentary BBQ and drinks. We would like to commend the organisers of the event for keeping the spirit of Vinyl music alive and hope to see many more History Of Music events planned for the future. More details here