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Hi says Goodbye To Ibiza 2018

Hi says Goodbye To Ibiza 2018

The Gods of Ibiza, notably Bez and Tanit, have cast a benevolent eye it seems, over the hallowed ground that Hi currently sits on. Once a temple to the legendary Space nightclub, the club that now stands on its mount, Hi, can be very pleased with the way its second season has transpired as it prepares for its Closing parties this weekend. There is now a force building on the island, that is drawing clubbers onto the Eastside, where Ibiza town and Playa den Bossa are situated. With San Antonio going in an opposite direction and the great walls of Privilege crumbling due to neglect and infighting, only Amnesia stands as the sole competition to the Eastside chicos, led by the Matutes Group and Yann Pissenem’s, The Night League.

While many clubs have reported a quiet season, the opposite can be said for Hi and Ushuaia. All their parties have being performing well, with attendances on par with last summer as three of their 2018 season stable stars venture out this weekend for one final gallop around the Ibiza circuit. First off is Afterlife tonight, which goes to post at the unusual time of 10pm. A spokesperson for Hi commented, “because of the good lineup, both teams decided to start early, so that all artists can have their own set times to develop their musical journeys”. Will Afterlife remain at Hi for next season? Its too early to say as the real horse trading has yet to begin, but I would hazard an educated guess to surmise, that it will take a very good deal to convince them to move elsewhere.

The two big underground daytime events this weekend, will be the Ants Closing party on Saturday and the Zoo Project Closing on Sunday. Both have excellent line ups and the colony crowds will most likely move on in nimble tripod style, to the Bohemian outpost of Benimussa Park for the Zoo Project Closing party on Sunday, before rounding it all off like a good quality Hierbas, with the classic Circoloco Closing party into Tuesday with Seth, Jamie and Ben heading a killer lineup. In between, there is the Black Coffee Closing party at Hi on Saturday night, a good season for the South African DJ who teamed up with David Guetta this summer to release Drive on the Ultra Music Label. It’s a very congested Closing Party weekend here in Ibiza, with many venues fishing from a depleted October pond, so choose wisely as to the parties you attend, as I expect a few to be quiet due to the number of scheduled events for the same dates.


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