A recent re-naming of the old Space building location by Google Maps, has provided the best clue as to the name of the new club that will sit on the hallowed ground made famous by Pepe Rosello and his award winning Space Ibiza. More than just a venue, it was the spiritual home to a generation of clubbers and one of the last bastions of the islands free and innocent spirit. Hi Ibiza is now the name Google Maps has assigned to the building in Playa den Bossa formally known as Space Ibiza. For Google to assign a new business name to a property, it would require validation and proof of ownership documents to be supplied, so the name Hi Ibiza looks to be a genuine name associated to Ushuaia.

Hï Ibiza was one of the early rumours regarding the clubs new name but in a recent interview given by Able Matutes snr to a Spanish TV station where he indicated he would use a variation of the Space name, people were left side footed as to what was going on. Hi Ibiza would fit snugly into the groups branding as the letters Hi are part of its successful Ushuaia name which is identifiable by its distinctive red humming bird logo which has become a trendy fashion accessory on the island.

20170126_085537With the cat out of the bag thanks to the Google Maps update, Ushuaia will probably move sooner than later to unveil the clubs new branding which is expected to be a polished one after a full page advert was recently published in Mixmag hinting at the Hï Ibiza name. It would now seem that the TV interview given by Able Matutes Snr where he indicated that Ushuaia would use the Space name was a playful ploy to drum up publicity for the new club. After the dust settles on this story, attention is expected to be drawn to the parties and promoters that will be associated with Hï Ibiza , keeping the branding boldly in the headlines as the big news story this side of a momentous new season for the island.