Louise Thompson and Friends Enjoy Hed Kandi
At the blog we love to have real people write reviews about parties they visit in Ibiza. We sent Dannykay blog reader Louise Thomson, to Hed Kandi at Es Paradis,to celebrate her 40th Birthday with her husband Pat and seven friends. If you would like to review any party, while on holidays in Ibiza, please get in touch with us and we would be happy to send you as guests of the Blog where you will be looked after in true Ibiza style. Below is Louise’s excellent review of her night at Hed Kandi on Saturday, June 15th last.

“A trip to Ibiza to celebrate 40 years on the planet was always going to be a memorable experience. 20 years of longing to go – loving house music – wondering what Ibiza would be like – meant that finding a club night to meet the highest of expectations was always going to be a supremely tall order.  Add to that I’m the clubbing veteran of my 9 strong group ….with not everyone loving house music as I do – it was all eyes on me to pick ‘the right club’ for what was going to be one the biggest Saturday nights of my life so far …….
Following Danny’s blog and getting a small taster of what was on offer at Es Paradis – the decision was made –  HedKandi’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Ibiza’.
Not in my wildest dreams did I imagine what this club night would deliver. After a warm and friendly welcome from Rachel on the door, we entered.   Visually, Es Paradis is stunning … a tropical paradise resplendent, opulent, with Grecian columns and lush green vines.  The lighting is refreshing – no dark dingy corners here, thanks to the huge disco balls dotted throughout.  Exclusive VIP areas and walkways frequented by beautiful show girls are suspended from the ceiling.  Speechless, we walked through in wonder – this was place like nothing any of us had seen before.
The DJ’s – oh my – there is no musical snobbery here. All they are interested in, as well as having a pretty fine time themselves – is making you dance and making you happy happy happy.  As a more mature clubber, reworked classics such as Sandy B’s ‘You Make the World Go Round’ and Duke’s ‘So in Love With You’ had me grinning from ear to ear … I never DREAMED I would hear them played in 2013 – alongside more recent crowd pleasers such as Julio Bashmore’s ‘Au Seve’. But those guys don’t seem to care about track release dates.  If it’s good – they play it.  
What makes HedKandi so very special is the effort the promoters put in to making sure you get double bang for every buck spend on the ticket price.  You see something – you think … that is amazing – and then something else happens – all through the night.  Red drapes you never noticed when you arrived suddenly have an acrobat swinging from them …. Beautiful girls appear in hoops above your head.  You hear some bongo drums, but it’s not part of the next amazing track – it’s ‘Drum Warrior’ Dean Oram – grinning at you from a suspended platform and loving the vibe of this incredible place as much as you are.
The glimmering jewel in HedKandi’s  crown comes in the form of Lovely Laura.  Hoisted in the air on a botanical throne, this beautiful, smiling vision kicked her legs in excitement as she accompanied Layo and Bushwacka’s Love Story on her saxophone. A saxophone in a house club? It shouldn’t work – but HedKandi makes the unworkable work brilliantly …. Throughout the night Laura made a few appearances, ending with both her and the Drum Warrior on the stage together, whipping the adoring crowd up into a frenzy.  Afterwards, both of them happily posed for photos with anyone who asked – these guys seemed to love their work as much as we loved them.

To say this is a magical, unbelievable, unforgettable club night does not even do it justice. Go. See. Love it for yourself. ‘Once Upon a Time in Ibiza’ I had the best night of my life. I started planning my next trip on the flight home and it can’t come quickly enough.