Thermometer reading inside Ibiza Airport

Ibiza is currently sweltering in a heat wave, that is registering record high temperatures across the Balearic Islands. Majorca is on alert as temperatures reach near 38C. In Ibiza, highs of 32.7C, have been recorded at the Airport with highs of 34C expected today. The record highs are 7C above average for this time of the year, with Ibiza registering a 3C anomaly. Workers have reported that it is impossible to walk outside without breaking into a sweat and most holidaymakers are staying indoors, taking advantage of the cool, air conditioned, environment. Night time temperatures are just as hot, with highs of 25.6C, making sleeping unbearable without air con, a vital necessity for the month of August in Ibiza. Temperatures are forecasted to drop to a slightly more bearable, 29C next week.