The Reformed look of Happy Mondays 

Ibiza Rocks continues to dazzle the White Isle of Ibiza, with carefully hand selected bands and acts that they instinctively know will please their market. News out today has confirmed that iconic Manchester Band, The Happy Mondays, will perform on the famous Rocks stage on August 22nd. Shaun Ryder lead singer with the Happy Mondays stated “We are all excited to be playing in Ibiza after all these years.. It will be great to perform in the sun with Ibiza Rocks”.  After an earlier announcement that New Order would grace the San Antonio venue with their musical royalty, Andy Mc Kay and Dawn Hindle (has he not married her yet?) have brought a massive slice of Manchurian legend to Ibiza. Both Happy Mondays and New Order were heavily involved in the birth and development of the iconic Manchester nightclub, The Hacienda, which was labelled the most famous club in the world by Newsweek in the 90’s. It was the birthplace of the acid house and rave music genre and it was during this musical revolution, that Ibiza Rocks brothers Mike and Andy Mc Kay, along with his girlfriend Dawn Hindle, first launched their Manumission Brand at the gay Manchester village of Equinox in 1994. It should make for one of the best gigs of the year at Ibiza Rocks and yours truly will have to seriously consider a return trip to the Island for this not to be missed party!!