The well known Ibiza landmark, that is the Egg monument in San Antonio, is today being covered up and protected, from any artistic infringement on its iconic image, by revellers from the La Modiva 80’s themed party, which takes place in San Antonio tomorrow night. Last year, during the party, the egg had an 80’s themed punky crest erected onto it, to blend in with the festivities. However, this was not welcomed by the designers of the Egg, who own the artistic rights to its image. They felt that their monument to Christopher Columbus, and the theory by local historian, Nito Verdera, that he was an Ibicenco, should not be tampered with in any way, and that its original image should always be protected.Hence the erection of screens today, to protect it from being interfered with.

The men responsible for the concept and erection of the six meter high concrete monument, were Antonio Hormigo (concept), Luis Bauza (designer) and Julio Ojeda (builder). It was unveiled on October 12th 1992 and is one of the most photographed images in Ibiza. It weighs 650kg and in its centre, pointing westward towards America, is a model of the Columbus ship, Santa Maria, which he captained on his first voyage, to discover America. The official name for the monument is the Monument al Descobriment d’Amèrica  but its better known to tourists, as the Egg Monument in the middle of the roundabout in San Antonio. Luis Bauza threatened legal action if the town council did not adhere to his wishes, he stated ” “It is an attack on the work of art, something that is protected by copyright law and is only possible if the authors allow it, and they did not ask permission”. Suffice to say the Town Council were not impressed, as the monument stands in public ground.

The legend of “Columbus’s egg” is recorded by Martin Fernández de Navarrete [Colección de Viajes y descubrimientos,Madrid, 1954] based on a passage written by the historian Bossi, which in its turn was inspired by an engraving made by Teodoro Bry, a bookseller and engraver from Liège who settled in Frankfurt in 1570. It goes as follows: “Among the festivities organised in Columbus’s honour by the court grandees on his return after his first voyage, there was a banquet offered by Cardinal Pedro González de Mendoza. The Admiral Columbus, was the guest of honour and during the course of the meal one of the grandees said that if Columbus had not discovered the New World, there would have been many other talented men ready and able to do the very same thing. Then Columbus picked up an egg and asked if any of those present was capable of making it stand on end unsupported. No one was able to do it, but Columbus, by hitting the ends of the egg and flattening them, managed to make it stand on the table without falling over.” Implying that everything looks easy, when you know how to do it. Thanks to Ibiza Boat Cruises for the above image.

The Egg Being Covered up in San Antonio Today.