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Glitterbox Ibiza at Hï Review 2017

Glitterbox Ibiza at Hï Review 2017

One of the success stories of recent years in Ibiza, has been the steady growth of Defected’s sister party, Glitterbox, which has the distinction of being the only party from the old Space calendar to transfer intact to the venues new identity Hï. Its Friday night slot is now supported by the popular Children Of The 80’s daytime party across the road at Hard Rock Hotel which was successfully moved from Sunday this summer. Both parties attract a similar crowd, which is one of the main attractions of Glitterbox, its diverse and mixed clientele which are there to have a fun time and party to good music. While we will review the venue itself at a later date, its suffice to say that Glitterbox and Hï are a well matched couple.

The crowd is mixed but we heard lots of British, French, Italian and Spanish accents mostly in there 30’s and 40s but the award for most “loved up” couple on the night went to a hippy inspired pair in their 50’s, who I saw at varying stages and locations in the night, all over each other like love struck teenagers. So Ibiza. It brought a smile to my face that the spirit of the island is still alive and well at Glitterbox. The two large outdoor terraces, The Magic Garden (ex sunset terrace) and The Secret Garden (ex El Salon) lend themselves to the free flowing social interaction of the crowd, as people from all nationalities and none, mingle with each other and chat, the essence of the old Space terrace.

Inside the Club’s main room, The Theatre, music was full on house with classics like Donna Summers I Feel Love, The Man with the Red Face by Garnier and Lil Louis French Kiss getting an injection of BPM’s. I and some of the crowd dancing to these classics would have preferred if the tracks were allowed to play out longer rather than mashed up into a 10 minute megamix which seems to be norm for USB sticks these days. In the club room, my favourite, the vibe was a lot groovier with people freely dancing and having a more organic experience to a freestyle soundtrack that was technically superior and featured less of the classics.

The Unisex toilets know as The Wild Corner was a lot more funkier and this novelty experience lent a refreshing splash to the night where I spotted the legendary DJ Antz in attendance. There was quiet a healthy atmosphere around the party with people having fun, into the music and interacting with each other in the flowing environment of the club. Its a big year for Glitterbox in Ibiza but one gets the feeling it will be the first Hi party to comfortably bed itself down at the new club which has made an expected impressive start to its much heralded arrival. Go add a little Glitter to your life……its well worth checking out.

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