So it’s Friday morning in Ibiza and I’m settling down for a day on my lounger. Facebook messenger pings and an old school friend asks if I’m going to Glitterbox at Space that night. Glitterbox? I’d seen the posters but hadn’t heard of it before and besides, the plan was to go to Ibiza Town for a quiet meal. But my curiosity was piqued and on Soundcloud I found a Glitterbox takeover on Defected Radio Station, hosted by Defected Boss, Simon Dunmore. If someone had said to me that I’d meet the man himself that night – I’d have told them they must have had too much sun. But this is Ibiza and magical things do happen.  One song in and I’m emailing Danny. ‘Errrr, Danny – I don’t suppose there’s any chance ?’ Within the hour I have a press pass sorted – and a full day of anticipation lies ahead. 

As if that wasn’t enough, a further email from Danny suggests a trip to Salinas beach – destination Sa Trinxa beach bar.  Second plan change of the day – but luckily the group are happy to take Danny’s lead and we head off.  As you would expect from an expert in all things Ibiza, this proves to be one fantastic tip off. The setting is beautiful, the clientele diverse (making it a great people watching spot) – but the music is what makes this place truly special. We stayed there drinking cocktails a good while and every track was a winner. Remixes of Talk Talks ‘It’s My Life‘, a bit of Blondie and a long but brilliant selection of Michael Jackson tracks stand out in my mind – not least because of the crotch thrusting speedo wearer giving it loads dancing with his topless girlfriend (see – told you it was an interesting place!) We stayed til 9ish until the chilled but unforgettable set finished, walking back along Salinas beach to ‘Time To Say Goodbye‘ (Andreas Bocelli – for those not into their opera !!?!)Today has already been amazing and we aren’t even at Glitterbox yet. 

Not having been to The Terrace at Space before, we’re looking forward to seeing what it has to offer. On walking in there are 2 main areas. To the left is the ‘Sunset Terrace’ which is warm as it’s outside, albeit with a camouflage net roof. Donna Summer and Georgio Moroder’s ‘I Feel Love‘ is playing – which I take as a great indicator of what lies ahead. The area to the right of the entrance ‘The Terrace’ is where the main party is happening. This area is air conditioned and continually attended to by cleaning staff, maintaining the sleek, minimalist surroundings. The fact that Simon Dunmore has opened the party and is already playing plenty of classic house really sets the tone for what this night is all about.  At 41 I’m a mature clubber but I know from listening to the earlier radio show that this party caters for people of all ages, their shared passion being great music. A group of over excitable 18 year olds tell me they’ve been listening to Simon Dunmore in the lead up to tonight.  ‘There’s no EDM shit here’  they tell me, as Simon starts to play Soulsearchers ‘I Can’t Get Enough‘ and both I at 41 and they at 18 start grinning broadly. 

In The DJ Box At Space with Aeroplane
Being the intrepid blog reporter that I am, I’m keen to get a photo of Simon to go with the blog post. As he takes a well earned break to let Luke Solomon step into the limelight, I grab my chance to tell him how amazing his music makes me feel – and he slips a backstage band over my wrist and kisses my cheek. True gent as well as DJ legend right there. Next up is Belgian nu disco DJ Aeroplane, who continues with the ‘any decade goes as long as it’s great’ music policy. I’m reminded of an old French house compilation I used to love,  when he plays Demons ‘You Are My High‘ and the crowds goes mad for the looping, hypnotic beats. Trying to get a picture of the amazing lights in this club, I flash my backstage wrist band – only to be invited into the actual DJ box to take a photo of the crowd going mad from behind Aeroplane. (Thank you Mr Friendly Lighting Man!) 

Later in the evening, Hercules and Love Affair bring some live action to the proceedings, followed by Horse Meat Disco for those who manage stay the duration. There aren’t many perks to travelling back from Ibiza but I always treat myself to a browse round the Pacha Shop and a CD purchase as a memento from the holiday. Reading the glossy Glitterbox CD insert on the flight home, I’m drawn to the breadth of track release dates, from ‘Run Away‘ by The Salsoul Orchestra feat Loleatta Holloway in 1977 to the MASSIVE ‘Liquid Spirit‘ by Gregory Porter in 2015. This sums up Glitterbox perfectly. Great tracks whatever the decade. Music first and always. 

My plan for Friday was well and truly blown out of the water by the intervention of two people to whom I am now indebted. Special thanks have to go to to my old school pal Gareth Taws and of course Danny Kay. 

Words by Louise Thompson