Hotel Ses Figueres Talamanca

In a heart warming gesture, the local Island Council has recognised the loyalty of a French couple, who have returned to Ibiza each year on holiday for over half a century. The married couple, Jacques and Bernadette Bonte, were presented with a diploma and a bust of the Carthaginian Goddess Tanit by the President of the Island Council Vincent Serra. Also in attendance were Jose Ferrer of the Tourism council and Carmen Planelles Mari owner of the Hotel Ses Figueres, where the couple returned to year after year. Its a lovely story and the kind of simple publicity that Ibiza needs to employ more of. Its a reflection of all that is good about Ibiza Hospitality when a couple spend over half a century returning to the same hotel managed by a local Ibicenco family, the Planelles, who have a long and proud tradition in Ibiza. The Hotel Ses Figueres is located on Talamanca beach, close by to Ibiza town. Rooms can be booked on their website