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Former UFC Fighter Fractures Face Of Formentera Taxi Driver.

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Written by Dan Kirwan

A retired Italian UFC fighter, Alessio “Manzo” Di Chirico, was detained in police custody last night after allegedly assaulting a taxi driver while on holiday with his family on the sister island of Ibiza, Formentera. The incident took place after the taxi driver, who is also a political candidate for the upcoming local elections, declined Mr Di Chicos request to allow him to sit with his wife and two children in the back seat of the taxi.

However, safety and insurance regulations allow only three passengers to sit in the back seat. According to family members of the Taxi driver, Di Chico reluctantly sat in the passenger seat next to the driver and allegedly intimidated him for refusing his request during the journey back to his hotel in Es Pujols. When the taxi arrived at the Hotel, Mr Chirico allegedly punched the taxi driver, who was wearing glasses, in the face, the force of which drove the lens of his glasses into his eyesocket and fractured his cheekbone.

The taxi driver was airlifted to Can Misses Hospital in Ibiza, where he underwent surgery to repair the damage. Local politicians on the island were quick to condemn the attack. A spokesperson for the taxi drivers’ party GxE stated, “This is the type of tourist we do not want on the island. We want people who are respectful of our environment and culture. We do not want to be slaves to rich tourists who think they can do anything because they have money.”
We do not want to be slaves to rich tourists

Formentera has long been known as a preserve of the Italians. The island caters to thousands of Italian visitors each year, and they are the top-ranking tourist nationality there. Local police have obtained video evidence of the attack from CCTV footage outside the hotel where the incident occurred. Mr Di Chirico was arrested and detained in police custody and will appear in court in Ibiza today charged with the assault. One feels this tourist, if found guilty, will have his vacation extended courtesy of the Spanish Prison Service. 

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