Firefighters from nearby Majorca Island were drafted in to help fight a blaze that occurred yesterday evening  at the popular hippy hangout in the north west of the Island.

Over 1000 people were trapped  by the rouge blaze, which destroyed a number of parked cars and over 200 acres of pine forest. Thankfully, there were no fatalities, as the majority of people trapped on the beach were evacuated by sea as the fire blocked the only entrance in and out of the area.

Local firefighters and Military with helicopters were on scene quickly trying to contain the fire. They are treating the cause of the fire as suspicious. Sunday evenings in Benirras are the most popular nights at the beach, as many tourists visit to witness the drumming of Sunset, a traditional hippy spiritual event, held to encourage peace and harmony in the world.

The Day of the Drums, was a huge gathering of anti-war activists that took place in Benirras on Sunday August 18th, 1991. The gathering was in protest at the Gulf War in Iraq and thousands of people were present for the event that lasted two days.

Ever since that day, Hippies gather every Sunday to drum and dance to the setting sun and to pray for peace and protection on the planet.